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August 29, 2008
Unexplainable charge on visa
Hey everyone,

Plz read this carefully before you take any further steps!!!

Last month my father had his monthly Visa charge like usual.But something strange was on that bill!
It was correct accept for some spendings he never did.
Now in total those were 6 charges. 3x billingnet.net86692...
3x 88845...
Those (6 in total) charges happened on the same day. August the 6th.
And every charge was differnet in price.One was (for example) 9.95Euro, other was 35.95Euro, etc
In total it would cost my father 139.75Euro for something he never bought!!
First he asked me and my bro if we ever used his credit card but we didn't so I started to look the net.
And I came to conclusion that those charges are some sort of viruses wich are sent to your pc and somehow finds out
your credit card nr.
This virus is extremely dangerous ppl!!!It already ruined my dad's laptop so be careful.
I can only discribe it like some sort of pop-up wich tries you to install an anti-virus program.Don't do this!!!Ever!!Unless it is supported by Microsoft or Apple.So read the tiny letters before you install this crap.
Viruses like these are seen more an more often on the net and can pop-up on everybody's pc so be careful plz.
Ofc my father is not gonna pay for this and probably charging the company who's responsible for this load of crap.
I have to say that i don't know if it's allbilling itself who's behind all this, but I promise I'll get to the bottom of this and let
you all know asap.

So people be careful and if it's on your credit card bill, don't pay this!!!

Hope this letter was a bit useful.Anyway, I can't let innocent people be a victim of this ridicalous outrage.

PS:Don't be afraid to respond.The more topics about this discussion, the better.


A victim from Belgium

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