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6473 Conning Towers Cir A2, Naples, Florida, United States

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childadvocate69 May 2, 2011
Child Rapist
Albert Watson Link III DOB 08/03/1969 has married 4 times at the age of 41 the wife he is currently married to is child molesters and lazy people of the world. Her name is Jeanette Houser Windley, He married that whore/slut after cheating on his wife while going through Training for the Department of Juvenile Justice in which both of them have been fired from the State and cannoth be hired ever again. Albert Watson Link III moved in with this whore and all her children and grandchildren and abandoned his own three children. He told his own children he hate them and wish they were dead. This man is worst than OSAMA BIN LADEN and should be killed because he is awful human being. He raped several children while working at a children home in Kissimmee, FL. Call the Human Resources Department
childadvocate69 May 2, 2011
Child Rapist
This man is one of the worst human beings on this EARTH. He does not take care of his children. He does not call his children, he rather live with the whore he slept with while married to his second or third wife. He then turned around and married the woman who name is Jeanette Windley Houser or whatever alias she is using. This man should be killed if seen because he also raped several children while working at a children home that is now closed. He calls himself a PREACHER but has hurt many people in this world. He is coonsidered to be another OSAMA BIN LADEN that is how bad he is. He physically, mentally abused his own BIOLOGICAL children so he can raise someone elses retarted children. He is sexually raping those children as well along with his wife Jeanette Houser Windley. Be careful because this man is very dangerous. He lies cheat steal and kill whenever he is around people. He works for COMCAST through ADDECCONA.

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