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Barb1019 June 13, 2011
$4600 in fraudlent bank charges in 24 hours!!
Saturday afternoon i tried to use my debit card but it was declined. Knowing i had sufficient funds available, i checked my online account ---- I found more than $4600 in charges and PENDING charges for this company with whom i have NEVER done business nor do i know anyone who has done business with them.
My bank was closed on Sunday and first thing this morning i called and filed a fraudulent charges complaint and will be heading to the police station after work today to file a report. Over $1000 in bogus charges require a police report so i wont get my money back until i do that. Now these bastards not only stole $4600 of my hard earned money, they are costing me time off work as well.
Be aware - they charged in increments of around $260 - $350 to avoid detection by alot of alerts people have set up...
I was told by my bank (Thank GOD for my wonderful bank who is taking care of me) that this information was phished from a Pay Pal charge we made. Apparently PayPal does NOT authorize the use of a "one time" credit card if you use pay pal, wait the 3 day waiting period and DO NOT give your debit card #... they have over $1000 of mine tied up in "preauthorized charges" for the next 2 i can do nothing about getting my money back until everything has "cleared"...over draft charges and all.
the attached picture shows only what was on my account TODAY - there are 2 more days just like this and worse!

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