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nowhereman2099 December 4, 2011
Sleazy Company
I worked for them. Trust me when I say. They will take everything they can from you. They will not provide an estimate. They will take advantage of you and the technicians will probably steal from you. Dwayne Braden, Kevin Reifsteck, and Gary Allen will all lie to you. They will tell you that insurance will always cover the cost of the services. They are lying! The contract they have you sign makes sure they can take everything from you including the house that they are placing a lien on. Thats right, they place a lien on your property. Check out this video Just one example of how they will prey on you. Also, they claim to have started business in 1995......why does the Better Business Bureau (who doesn't accredit them) say they opened in 1999. Another lie they would love to feed you.
August 7, 2011
the devils company
I never seen a company so dishonest and spiteful, they have devastated my life at a time when nothing else in the world could be worst then what I went through just hours before. After my husband killed himself and murdered my child I called Aftermath Inc to clean up the horrific scene. I was crying and distraught when they showed up and explained what they were going to do and I foolishly signed a contract. They told me my home owners will cover the bill, I told them I did not have any. They told me not to worry they will work something out with me that they just wanted to get everything cleaned up for me. I was so happy they were taking care of this for me. A week or so later a bill for 18,000 came in the mail. After calling them they threatened to put a lien on my house and soon thereafter did. My life has been ruined and I don’t know how I am going to survive, all I want is my family back and know I will soon not even have a house. I can’t believe there are people like this in the world; it is like they are the devil himself and Aftermath Inc is trying to take the last ounce of life from my body. Run from these people, run far away.
AMCalifornia May 15, 2011
the exploitative, Unscrupulous and dishonest practice
I posted this message and others several months ago. I noticed that all the messages from people who were exploited by Aftermath Inc. have been removed from this site.
I would like to let you know about the exploitative, unscrupulous and dishonest practice of the biohazard cleanup contractor, Aftermath, Inc. which was brought in with the assistance of your department to help with the cleanup of the suicide of my father in law.

His grieving widow, our family, and anyone else for that matter, does not deserve and should be prevented from being further exploited in the way Aftermath, Inc had intended to do so. The family was devastated by this event and just wanted everything to be taken care of right away. Thankfully, I, as the most removed son in law, was stubborn enough to make sure no one signed a contract with Aftermath, Inc, until we knew what the cleanup would cost my mother in law.

As a result of the suicide, one twin bed and its box spring were left with a blood stain about 8-12 inches in diameter. In addition part of the headboard and an area of approximately 1 foot by 2 foot on the wall behind the bed had small spatters of blood (approximately a few dozen). Amazingly, Aftermath, Inc estimated a cleanup cost of over $7000. Their hourly rate is approximately $1000 per hour for three people and they estimated 3-5 hours to complete the job. They include many additional charges and then have the gall to include a 15% markup for miscellaneous fees. The six page contract even includes the statement “You agree that the charges for Labor are fair and reasonable based upon the level of skill and that the manner in which we complete the remediation of bio-hazardous materials”.

I was able to remove the contaminated materials and disinfect the headboard and wall in about 2 hours. In addition, the mortuary agreed to dispose of the removed materials at no charge.

The Police Department provided us an assistant who contacted my mother in law’s home owner insurance company for us. Based on our discussions with the police department representative, we were initially under the impression that we would be liable for the deductible of $1000 in the worse case. However when Aftermath, Inc. provided us the very high the estimate at approximately 7 pm, I personally contacted the insurance company directly and was told that they would not cover personal property (such as beds, throw rugs, and furniture), only fixed property (such as walls and secured carpeting).
Shame on Aftermath, Inc! They know that it is the standard practice of insurance companies to cover the cleanup of fixed property and not personal property. We asked them about insurance compensation and they said they did not know, which is a lie. This company intentionally attempts to convince victims in their weakest moments to believe that their homeowner’s insurance policy will take care of the cleanup costs and tries to rush them into a quick signature on the contract.
Your Nightmare May 8, 2011
Hmmmmmmm... What happened to all the complaints that were on here? Looks like AFTERMATH INC paid off another company so the public can't see what they are really like. Gonna have to post a new update on here tomorrow! I'm looking forward to sharing what I know about them! Talk about you soon AFTERMATH INC!!

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