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cyoby July 12, 2011
cata_yo (14397854) a envoyé un message en utilisant le formulaire de
contact sur

Nom de compte: meggi

Jeu: Last Chaos EN

Serveur: katar

Nom de Personnage: Balooo

Adresse e-mail:

Dear meggi,

Your account was reported compromised.

To assure us that this is the actual account holder and to reinstate
this account to your possession we will need you to provide us with AP
transaction numbers as well as the email associated with your purchases.
We will require the following information in order to help you any

1) Server(s) your character(s) are associated with
2) Name(s) of the character(s)
3) Items which the character(s) have equipped and in the inventory
4) Last 5 items purchased in Item Mall (including dates, times, and
5) The transaction #'s for the last 5 items purchased
6) The last time and zone your character(s) were logged in
7) The original and current email address associated with the account
8) The date the account was registered
9) Your I.P Address ( feel free to use

Thank you,
Team Aeria i change my old acount with this one ... after 4 months banned my account, on the first day we sent them messages to say Aeria I changed on account ... I did not gave any answer .. after I spent 500 euros at least they closed my account ... I bought everything I have in stock and can not get because my account is closed .. what should I do?? I understand that I violated a rule but all Items on acount we bought
QualityMonitor February 16, 2011
Poor Service/ Faulty Administration/ Poor Products
Aeria Games provides far less than perfect services. Likely one of the worst companies I've had the misfortune of being associated with. The terms of service required for signing up with Aeria Games is absolutely ridiculous. (I would know.) The rules are more often broken by "Admins" than anyone else. Aeria Games feels they are not responsible for the often malicious behavior of game administrators.

If you're seeking to enjoy similar services as the ones provided by Aeria Games it is highly suggested you go elsewhere with your time and certainly with your money.
AsheeshChawla August 10, 2009
For the longest time Aeria games have made their players into guinee pigs. Their Service & attitude is pathetic. the only good in that company is the billing section, which I believe is outsourced.

In the past not only me but numerous players have encountered problems with aeria games but everybody just gives in and accept whatever they do.

This time they have gone beyond bounds. I have put in thousands & thousands of dollars into their game. I had not been around for a few months, on my return did i realize that some of my characters are not there along with a lot of items. I wrote to them and their reply is that i have to have evidence and they cannot check their records.

I am unable to find a solicitor who can handle this matter and file a lawsuit against them. Any help in how to proceed and advise on lawyers would be appreciated. This is not just for me...but it'll be for the other players as well. The others players will for future know that they cannot be taken for granted and won;t accept this companies high handed methods.

my e-mail is would appreciate any info on this company and any references to a solicitor in this feild who can handle a lawsuit against this company.


Vince July 26, 2009
Awful company
Let me start by saying this is a online gaming service with very poor customer service. I'm filling this report because this company without warning banned my account locking me out. I've since contacted this company and they informed me I was banned due to the fact that someone reported my account hacked/stolen.

I have since replied pleading to get my account back as I've spent hundreds of dollars with their company. I have also tried contacting them via phone, only to get a 'voice mailbox' is full response. I had recently spent $60 pay by cash to this company to further enhance my in game play, only to find out my character had been locked out before the payment even came out of my checking account.

So, basically they locked my character out then withdrew the money from my account and refuse to give it back to me. They have since sent me emails telling me they'll delete all my characters on the account that I spent hundreds on, then I can access the AP points to further my character. Why would I want to have my AP points if I'm starting from scratch? Exactly.

It just makes me sick this company can steal from people like this and all consumers should be warned ' STAY AWAY ' These people are thief's and I hope they go under.
concernedparent April 9, 2009
beware of staff conduct
i found my daughter wanting to play on a new company of online games. I then decided to do some research on the company. Only to find that they have Horrible business practices. The staff break there own terms of service. Using vulgar, Hateful, harassing, sexual, and just plane bad conduct. this is just what i saw daily. In game and all over the forum. I tried to address the situation and seek a little clarification. Only to have the staff call me many hateful names. I wanted to keep it PG so i am uploading a photo of just some random posts i found that where in all ages threads with many minors posting. These are the types of conduct you will have your children experience on a daily basis on aeria games. when you message aeria games they just dont care. keep your children far far away. tell your friends. Pay for warcraft your kids will be safer. Choose a game that has adults running it not childish questionable icons. dont support any company that wants to partner with aeria games. Show them this will not be tolerated. i will end with a quote

“The best inheritance a parent can give to his children is a few minutes of their time each day.” - M. Grundler.
aeriagames sucks February 13, 2009
Bad Customer service
People been spending money on this game and then they just start banning people stating that everon is hacking. not only did i loose my acount and my charter i lost all the money i put into the game. DO NOT PLAY AERIA GAMES .. Playing the game is bannable offence according to the TOS. Using and advantage in the game is considered bannable. This could be interpeted as boosted, magical weapon and parting to power level. It seem they find any reason that they can to ban account after they get to a certain level.

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