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Takassussu cor Imam Saud Street, Al MOha, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Phone number: +96612051335

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cedric999 July 8, 2010
Warning to all PT Applicants especially Filipinos: BEWARE!
Those you are looking for PT jobs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, beware of ADVANCE PHYSICAL THERAPY TECHNIQUES CENTER. This center is hiring PTs especially Filipinos under Peridot International Agency in Palanan, Makati. Actually, the PTs there are not working PT works as expected but forced to work as Massage Therapist or simply Massage. Next, the owner named Dr. Abdulaziz Al Shaiban is a fake doctor. He accepts consultation but in the end he has always wrong diagnosis and the treatment is simply massage. Even the Ministry of Health is questioning the authenticity and the credibility of this person whom he considered himself "doctor". Also, this doctor has favorite staff as follows: A certain "Jamil" who has background in massage. He is the one responsible in teaching massage to new hired PTs . If you will not do massage, the PT has severe punishment. Then, a certain "Bon" who is the eyes and ears of the fake doctor. He can manipulate things and make fake stories and reports to doctor. Even though you are telling/ explaining the truth, the fake doctor will not believe you but believe this person instead. Another, a person named "Khalid" is a receptionist but he is responsible for hiding information that this center is doing massage especially upon Ministry of Health center inspection.

The fake doctor is in partners with Remal Al Sawahel Est, the one responsible in giving visas to hire PTs. The hiring agency is still the Peridot International in Palanan, Makati. Therefore, watch out and be careful PTs out there because this center is planning to open new branch of physical therapy center but still, you will forced to do massage whether you like it or not... BEWARE!!!

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