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350 S. Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills, California, United States

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DLW Tyler April 12, 2011
Compnay doe snot ful fill contracts
I really had hoped this company would be different. I had better luck and service with and EHarmony. I was a client for over 6 months and Jennifer Turner was my matchmaker and Fredly Antosh was my consultant that repeatedly reassured me that I was an easy match and was being very realistic. After payments of $4, 500 and 6 months later, Not one match to date...Jennifer Turner sent me multiple people not at all based on my specifications, geographical area, age, wanting children...Everyone was complete opposite of what I specified and after countless communications I canceled my contract and was sent to collections and am legally battling it out in court for a refund! Not only did they just throw matches at the wall hoping one would stick...I sent Jennifer Turner pictures of men I have dated and types and her response to me was that "I need to date an African American!" That statement was neither relevant nor appropriate! I recommend everyone files legal action to get their money back and put this company out of business they LIE to get your money with no follow through.
Active Singles, LLC and Elite are the same company!

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