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maziniqbal August 2, 2010
Bad customer service
Al Jomaih,
AC Delco brand.

Dear Sir,
A month ago I bought an AC Delco battery for my car. Although my car is not of American make, I bought this battery due to trust, it's being well-known and the fact that I have loved it since I used to drive American cars. I bought this battery from a big battery dealer located in Bani Malik area, here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, the battery did not work well. I had the warranty card with me so I went to Al Jomaih, Al Makaronah Street Branch which is near Al Bawadi area. The worker there inspected the battery which was in the car and he felt there was some defect in it so he told me to take it out immediately and bring it. Of course, I had the warranty plus the receipt which proved that the date of purchase was a month ago. Then the worker pointed to a small room, the sign of which read "Wholesale Manager", where sat a bearded man with glasses. I went outside to lock my car and returned to the Wholesale Manager. When I returned to him, he surprised me by saying that he could not replace the battery for me because it was old and that he did not know the dealer who I had bought it from. I asked him whether the battery was AC Delco or not, so he answered that it was indeed an authentic AC Delco battery as proven by the serial number, but that he could not replace it as they have numerous agents and he did not know which agent had sold it to the dealer who I bought it from. I asked him whether the battery belonged to the AC Delco factory in Saudi Arabia or not and he said it did but that the factory was in Dammam!!! In fact, he kept repeating, " We can't exchange it, it is old, " in a very strange way. I believe and I told him that any product, even if is old or expired, as a customer I have nothing to do with that, unless the expiry date is printed on the product, and the same is the case with
AC Delco batteries which do not have any clear date of expiry printed on them, which can be seen by the customer. I avoided getting into an argument with him because his attitude, I'm sorry to say, was extremely cheap, especially considering he is the Wholesale Manager, someone who should be presentable and have at least a working knowledge of public relations. I was communicating with him in English which is my second language, as an Arab citizen, but he did not even consider that. My response was that this was not a nice way to deal with a long term customer. I called an outside worker to carry the battery outside to my car, after I took the warranty from them, and immediately I went to a neighboring shop and bought a Korean battery with a proper warranty. I let the man install the Korean-made battery in my car in front of Al Jomiah while they watched. As this was taking place, I said to myself that I would never buy AC Delco again, even if it was free.

From now on I will not buy or suggest to my friends or colleagues in my company any AC Delco products or parts because I believe as a marketing person myself, that even if it had been old or expired it was fated to go back to the agent or company, as is their responsibility. That's why it is called After Sales Service. You cannot sell the product and then just disown it to avoid responsibility or liability. But the case with this guy was that he totally avoided any responsibility or liability on his part by refusing to not only replace my battery but also dealing with me in this shabby manner. As for the Korean battery it is of no account to me, but the real loss was the loss of image and reputation that your company suffered at the hands of this so-called Wholesale Manager. This is exactly what happened and you can find the facts out for yourself.

Sincerely yours,

Dr Mazin Mohammad
B.Pharmacy, MBA
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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