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77 America Street, Charleston, South Carolina, United States

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Always Forever June 10, 2011
mistreatment/ perhaps withholding my mail, etc...
yes, hello to all. it is great to be back online. ran out of time the last time. But allow me to continue my complaints against the catholic church of Our Lady Of Mercy/Neighborhood House/ 77 America Street, Charleston, SC 29403, run now by program direcotr Nikki Grimball and Sister Noreen.

Because of being on such a low inocme level, I had been seeking lunches for free, mon-fridays and they werea allowing me to have my mail coming there. for free also. Well some of the hoods troublemakers go there and are always making trouble elsewhere in and around different churches and the more troublesthey make they are never critizied or asked to leave. they pick on me constantly and yet get their butts kissed. I don't. Now I have been told I am not to come back there or have my mail coming there @ all and yet they have not even given a real good and proper reason. I have my mail and 2 important checks, the VA and ssdi checks and yet I am told I only have one check coming to me there and yet they have seen and handed me both my checks. I feel they are withholding my mail and again as the last 2-3 months my va check is still missing. They have a critical problem with bugs and flies and also won't do a thing about those bug infestation problems. Now I am left wondering where next to file a complaint against them. If abyone has any ideas I would greatly appreicate it. and hope to hear asap. thanks a lot for your time and patience I will be back some other time with their full address, phone numbers, fax and emails numbers as well.

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