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j.s. June 17, 2011
Not following Rules and Censoring Users for Voicing their opinions
My comment on 104.3's site was getting removed. I don't know why since I am just stating facts about their Wedding contest. I finally got banned from posting. My comment below was what I said.

For all the controversy regarding the winners, I still think they should have been disqualified. Rules are rules. 104.3 should not allow this because there will be a lot of angry listeners and I'm sure ratings will drop. It's totally unfair to those that READ and FOLLOWED the rules. (I have nothing against the the couple, but just think this is so unfair. I am just a listener of the station.)

Official Rules state:
"Incomplete and/or multiple entries will be disqualified. One entry per couple for the duration of the contest period."

I don't know how more clearer that can be. ONE ENTRY PER COUPLE. Multiple ENTRIES WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. It doesn't say 104.3 will remove the multiple entries and let them keep one entry. It says "will be disqualified".

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