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Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton Fla.
October 23, 2007
The board of Woodfield did a lot of hanky pank stuff to keep us from getting the money which we legally were owed for our full membership which we resigned in 2000. After 7 years of a stressful lawsuit we just gave up. I know for a fact that dozens of other people fell victim to the shenanigans of this club . I think some sort of government supervision should b e set up for so called non-profit clubs. I would like to hear from others with similar problems and maybe 60minutes or a local institution could do a story to warn new retirees who are anxious to invest their hard earned cash in the sporty social life in florida. read full review »
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September 18, 2007
YouTube Most people have heard of It can be a great place for entertainment but they dont know its dark side. I had a site called 'whyislamsucks' & spoke frequently about things about Islam that I found weird & disturbing. My favorites on my site was hacked & I was forced to change my password 4 times to try to save my site. I got tired of the stupidity & deleted my site. Youtube allows people to hack others sites & also post videos on everything from terrorism to hacking. NO... read full review »
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Country Club - Chennai
August 30, 2007
This is a complaint against irreponsive, cheating country club -chennai. The following is one of the written letter to country club executive, preethi. Her mail id is, on jul'24, 2007. But no response sofar from anybody including stupid-ravi prasad-countryclub chennai branch manager. "as a distinguished customer, i am starting my conversation. This Pathatic incidence happened on may 27th. One of your executive "mr.Venkatesh" from chennai called on may 27th and informed... read full review »
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February 25, 2007
Whilst fishing through feedbacks on uk site i came across a disgracefull wording use by email user macbruce45 schizophrenic for someone to use this in this manner clearly has a mental problem of his own an illness of this kind or any other should not be permitted to be used in this way on your sites society has a raise problems as it stands and putting more wood on this fire should not be tolerated ask this member to remove this or this will become a political matter in time. read full review »
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December 28, 2006
When I realized my husband would never be able to bring himself to do the things they asked in order to "build the business", I asked, and then begged that he stop spending the money on books and tapes, seminars and major rallies. He just kept going on with it, and the longer it went the more I realized that the primary reason we could not get any real help from our upline was that they were already making plenty of money from us off of their share of the tapes, books, seminars, and rallies. Just one example; it costs pennies each... read full review »
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United Church of Canada
December 6, 2006
A United Church "COURT" heard three days of testimony and found The Rev George Slater guilty of two counts of "sexual abuse and pastoral sexual misconduct". The "Court" made six recommendations. The Toronto Conference suppressed and covered up the most important recommendation, that the FINDINGS be provided to "those presbyteries and congregations in which Rev George Slater is known to have served" including The Hamilton, Bay Of Quinte and London Conferences. The net effect is suppression of information necessary for other potential victims to come forward and deal with their issues. read full review »
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ajakana89 April 15, 2011
she lies about everything and sends you the same emails when i canceled my service from her she tried scaring me into a warning and has made my life hell and cast a real actual spell because i would no longer pay her or wished to recieve any more emails from her since then spirits have been in my home and bad things have happened i was stupid enough to even do one of her ceremonies and could literally feel 2 or more spirits behind me watching and something enter in my body trying to takee over do not fall for her bull shit tactics i am still... read full review »
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Janet Lee
janet lee April 21, 2011
Janet Lee is a psychic fraud and Joey Lee they are listed in the police database in Houston Texas and is on ssi fraud and tom lee his father is on ssi for over 30.years and james lee is on ssi and is seling cars and has his son don lee a.k.a. don guy lee has five or more life insurance policys in his name that are back dated and fake and the insurance company there using is abraham and associates the lee family has been using this company for over 20 years and has collected in the past TOM LEE, JOEY LEE JANET LEE lives at 7000 w.43rd st... read full review »
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diane trapi
wendos April 15, 2011
I was also sent the same email to my request for a free reading. Diane does not seem to have much imagination or maybe she thinks people wont check her out. The same email seems to be sent to all and anyone requesting a reading...luckily I checked and if you are reading this, you obviously have done the same. read full review »
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Psychics May 4, 2011
i want to get my refund of money that was taken out of my account on the following dates...may 20, april 20, april 18, and april 5. i do not think that i got what i was looking for. i am not satified with your services. i do not recall permitting you to debt my account for these amounts. my email address is as thank you for your time. read full review »
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