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sonic in north myrtle beach sc
April Confare June 25, 2011
I ordered food yesterday. I got 2 combo footlong chili dogs, 2 chicago dogs, a plain hamburer, and an order of chili fries. I never got the 2 footlongs with my meal. The girl at the drive thru actually accused me of being a liar. I paid almost $20. for cold food and under cooked hamburger. This is very unprofessional. If this keeps up Sonic in NMB will not stay open. The one doing the order acted like she had just smoked pot. She was as high as a kite. This makes me sick. I am letting alot of people know that this place is horrible and the... read full review »
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All-Star Martial Arts
ReadThis77429 June 25, 2011
I strongly warn you not to send any of your kids to All Star Martial Arts. We just completed our first week at All Star Martial Arts. Yesterday my husband went in and talked to the owner and requested a refund of our money (minus uniform and 2-week trial fees). Which they probably will not give us, as they spent a lot of time making excuses and arguing with my husband. So we are out quite a bit of money. Our son was attending the day-time classes for beginning students with no prior experience. The class also includes kids who have a... read full review »
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The Complete Resource Guide
Jacqueprealtor June 25, 2011
I received a catalog The Complete Resource Guide Your Step by Step Plan for Becoming a Successful Auction Specialist. This catalog is associated to the company referenced above and is re: Training for being an Auctioneer for their company... I have never accepted or requested this or anything and, AGAIN, this catalog! read full review »
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Top Bridal Dress
ronnie7782 June 25, 2011
I ordered a designer wedding dress from Essense of Australia and this company gave me a FAKE dress and did NOT let me return it and did NOT give me my money back! The dress was nothing like the picture and it was a HORRIBLE quality. read full review »
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Genie Bra / Tri Star Seamless Bra
CJ from Mpls June 25, 2011
False advertising. Infomercial states bras work for any size breasts, offers lift and support, SO not true. Fuller breasted women will not receive any lift or support whatsoever. I ordered according to recommended size chart and it took 7 weeks to receive the bras. I received them today via USPS which should have only cost around $5-$6 but was charged $29.99. I immediately wanted to return them after trying one on. Cheaply constructed, no lift or support and product really shouldn't be classified as a bra. I called Customer Service and... read full review »
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Joann's Crafts Store
Go to the top June 25, 2011
Attn: All customers that have these terrible experiences with the Joann's store. You need to contact the corporate office. The employees are being mistreated and they get their hours cut constantly; I am so sorry that you are going through this experience; crafts and creativity should be a happy experience. Managers and employees have no right to treat customers with disrespect; however their is a reason for it and it is out of desperation that employees act horrible. They have no right to do this; customers did not create the problem;... read full review »
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Inst for health
Lesley Steele June 25, 2011
I signed up for a free trial For which my debit card was debited the p&p costs. Less than 3 weeks later I find my account has been debited £65.99 without authorisation. I would like a full refund. I have not received any further goods. Lesley Steele read full review »
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Joshua Allen June 25, 2011
Brendan Pascale, a well known sex offender in the Santa Barbara area puts out ads on craigslist advertising hirings for bartending positions from a company named Pascallen, Inc. under the phone number 650-245-6197 SPECIFICALLY to STALK his victims!!! I responded to one of his companies ads, and filled out an application at his office. I didn't have time to stay for an interview but i met Brendan Pascale and didn't think anything was wrong whatsoever. When I got home and did my research on the company, I FOUND LITERALLY HUNDREDS... read full review »
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ultimate faciel
maynard01 June 25, 2011
I signed up for a trial facial kit for 4.95...I received the kit, less two of the products promised. Terms and conditions state you have to cancel within 20 days of receiving the package. I ordered it on 5/24/11 and received it on 6/1/11 and they charged my card 78.42 on the day i received the package. I cancelled my membership within the alloted time, but they still charged my card. I called and they said theres nothing they can do. It was only supposed to bo 49.95 if you didn't cancel within the time frame. Where did they get 78.41???????????????? read full review »
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Rogelia Simon June 25, 2011
For months I had seen items displayed on the JTV channel, amazed at the sheer number and quality of the items on display and the low prices they asked for such pieces. Recently I decided to try my luck purchasing a Garnet Cross Pendant from JTV, and was happy with the fact that I've obtained this piece at a reasonable price and that it would soon be on it's way. However it was not meant to be, as after having the confirmation of the transaction sent to me along with it's tracking number, I find out that the USPS tracking... read full review »
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Five Alive
Consumer WatchDogger June 25, 2011
The Shoppers Drug Mart at Don Mills and Lawrence is in urgent need of better customer service and should stop advertising for sale products that they are not carrying in their weekly flyers. In addition, can someone explain to me why the lottery checker is not available to customers until 9am when the store is open 24 hours? Recently, I visited the store and asked one of the cashiers to lend me her 99 cent pen to fill out a lottery form and she rudely refused to lend it to me and told me to bring my own pen. Such crappy customer service doe... read full review »
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chirag2553 June 25, 2011 Hi Friends, A new AD based co. launched on second week of June 2011, registration is started, book your top id. It's also a product base company. call now – +91-9760362553, +91-9557025648, +91-9719004895 (, from Agra Grab The Opportunity, Again... IT'S REAL NOT FAKE DON'T MISS JUST JOIN... read full review »
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everpet cat food ,dollor store
smokin guns June 24, 2011
this made my cat very sick and had to take him to the vet twice and they had to give him a catheter on both times, cost a lot of money, the vet said i have to buy a special food, , , that ever-pet from dollar general was killing him because of the ingredients, vet said that is what caused his kidney stones and had weakened his kidneys, , and that if he had to cath the cat again he might not make it, i do have recepts that i had payed from my vet read full review »
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taco bell/ cheesy beefy burrito
sue loudermilk June 24, 2011
Purchased a Cheesy Beefy Melt Burrito for my son and when he was eating it he almost swallowed a large piece of some kind of glass. Scared me to death. He could of been hurt really bad. read full review »
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ley84 June 24, 2011
Hi every body i also felts same situation. i registred with above company they gave the job to me. after following three days that website didn't work. then i gets work and i loose my account. that mean i paid for the offline data entry. but now my account was noacctivated. three times i sent e-mail. no any resposible. i am seriously looking for work at home. plase let me know any genuine campany. don't waste time and maney. it's 100% scam thank you read full review »
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REA Commercial Benefits
Patricia D L June 24, 2011
These people have taken over the processing of claims from USCT in Basking Ridge New Jersey. This occured several months ago and they still have not processed my dental claim. These claims are in some cases a year old and in two others they are about to be a year old. I tried to fax the bills to them along with a letter, but I can't through to the fax. The insurance was purchased throught an outfit called RealBenefits Association. All I want is for them to process my claims and pay me or my dentist! read full review »
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John Spencer Ellis
rebelgirl27 June 24, 2011
These people are theives! I sent out for one of their special products-- The Compass Movie --for 1.00 dollar. Well, unfortunatelt i didn´t read between the lines and got stuck with a whole year program. i had to pay 23 dollars every months for a product i didn´t even want nor did i use, nor did I ask for. I tried sending them a cancelation letter which for some reason they never got. When I asked for my money back several months later, they said they couldnt refund anything since I had already "used" their product. I... read full review »
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Elase medical spa orem
akb4 June 24, 2011
Laser hair removal DOES NOT WORK!!! Laser Hair removal does not work, it is extremely painful! I started laser hair removal treatments 4 years ago. I started with a 6 treatment package after that did nothing I had 6 more treatments available. Now elase medical spa storie is changing. They now offer memberships because it takes more treatments. Do not do it. Do not sign a contract they will not let you out of it nor will they offer refunds. They dont tell you the whole story up front. They just want to make a sell. Then make up a list of things you did and reasons it did not work. NOT WORTH THE PAIN AND MONEY read full review »
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arche shoes
badshoes June 24, 2011
I bought cute yellow shoes for over $ 200.00 because they claimed they were made for comfort. I was at the Venetian Hotel shops. I wore them to dinner at the Hotel and had 4 blisters in an hour and a half. Went back to the store after dinner for an exchange for the shoe. I was willing to try another style, even a less expensive shoe and said keep the money. They said NO because I wore them, but no wear was on the shoes, even a customer came in and saw no wear. The customer was shocked from this bad service and walked out. I was NOT given a... read full review »
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Hardees of Denver
Hardees Patron June 24, 2011
The Store GM at this FAST FOOD chain is loud and I personally heard her chew out an employee. This isn't the first time I've Personally heard her doing this! I've also heard she has been brought in to corp. for the very same thing but nothing was done about it! I personally say go somewhere else to eat until she is either gone or punished. Its a hard enough to work in a high stress business without having someone giving you an bad attitude! read full review »
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Azabarji June 24, 2011
This is a test complaint read full review »
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JANET KANATZAR June 24, 2011
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Milestone HR Solutions
Raghu Rajan June 24, 2011
Hello Job seekers, This is to inform you that 'Milestone HR Solutions', Bangalore- Vasanthanagar, make irritating calls by making false claims regarding the Pay, E.g. They tell that, company will pay 30, 000 for you just walk-in here. But when we reach their office, they will tell only 20, 000 can be given for your profile. Or else, they may promise us of a U.K shift, but later they will tell only U.S shift is available for that process. They are actually dealing with BPO related jobs. They make 100's of calls to pull us to their office and later won't be faithful to their words. They waste our time.. read full review »
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Hush puppies/Bata
lawsampath June 24, 2011
I purchased a pair of Hush Puppies shoe from the shop "Tip Top Selection, Brough Road, Erode" for Rs 2, 899/- vide cash bill No 3174 dated 24.09.2010. The shoe was manufactured by M/s. Bata India Ltd, 6A, S.N. Banarjee Road, Kolkata- 700 013.2. The particulars of the shoe are Article No: 854-6831, Size:9(28.7cm) Color: Black. Defect: The shape of the toe portion of the right shoe started looking indifferently. The place at the left toe of the right shoe looks weird with wrinkles. More shockingly, the threads in the... read full review »
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AndersonFaye June 24, 2011
Ang STEADFAST INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT CORP Under Ethel C. Cabasa, Alvin Runas, Adriano Toston, Aileen Casas, Alfonsa Cabasa, Mr. Romulo, ay mga scammers! Mag-ingat kayo mga bagong aplikante! Magnananakaw ang mga ito!!! read full review »
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gkingmart June 24, 2011
This company's business is providing the retail sale of sunglasses and eyewear online read full review »
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planet fitness Dorchester
Paul Hernandez June 23, 2011
Planet Fitness Administration Who may to concern: I want to complain from Planet Fitness on 500 Neponset St, Dorchester MA. I had so bad experience as a customer with the service, especially with the manager on this location. This guy disrespect customers with imposing rules, Making customers do not feel this place comfortable. The manager has to be more friendly and flexible with the customers where the members understand the rules of a better way. Most people do not feel happy about the behavior of this manager because he like... read full review »
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Lake City Seattle Maytag Laudromat
Laundromat is a Prostitution Ring June 23, 2011
The place is a front for prostitution. The fat old broad is Elizabeth and her retard daughter. The Mom says she gives great deals on hand jobs and blow jobs. She said that they are so good their last name should be PALM. Lizzie works Monday thru Friday 8a-4p and Sunday mornings at about 8am read full review »
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mariam fadel June 23, 2011
i placed my order 22 days ago and pay through third party this 95epay which i think they are making this site to steal people anyway i didnot recieve any items and when i tried to contact them by emails didnot answer i have saved the confirmation mail for my payment read full review »
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Oregano Restaurant
Nestor B. Visto June 23, 2011
I am mr. Nestor Bagabaldo Visto, I resigned to Oregano Restaurant because, I am not happy with the management set-up, and I have very good Job in the Philippines with a good salary, but Oregano Restaurant owner Mr. Mansour Saadun used my weakness to offer me a better income and better position as Pastry Executive chef verbally but first my entry visa to saudi arabia as waiter of Oregano Restaurant, I accept the offer but it turns out that theyre restaurant was not that big. I was dissapointed and I tried to hold on with the contract but after... read full review »
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lscarl June 23, 2011
Horrible customer support takes days to respond to tickets! dont recommend you do business with them read full review »
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Sandra May Pickering June 23, 2011
I placed an order online for a Ab Circle Pro machine on 10th May 2011. with this Company and paid by debit card the money was taken out of my bank account within 3days of placing the order. I received an e-mail from them on 18th May saying that due to a sudden surge of sales they had become out of stock. In order to compensate for any inconvenience they would send my machine by DHL Courier when the new stock arrive which was expected within 5-7days. I have since e-mailed the company 3 times with no reply. So I typed in ASSEEN ON TV on Google... read full review »
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Renees bridal
lynnlucas June 23, 2011
I have shopped at Renee's Bridal now for the past 9 years I think I was one of her first customers. I have always found the store to be a pleasant place to shop. Renee' has always been more than kind and has offered me and my girls over the top customer service . I say if you treat someone with respect you will be treated with respect. It is true she is no PUSH OVER. Renee is a very strong women however this is not to say that she does not have great customer service. I love Renee's Bridal because of Renee'. She is what... read full review »
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BellaBrite teeth whitening
Mimi Phillips June 23, 2011
In April, place an online order for the BellaBrite free teeth whitening kit. In late April, 2011, I received the kit along with the next month supply of the whitening. When I ordered the free kit, there was mention of being able to order the teeth whitening on auto order monthly. But, the free kit would be your to keep if you cancelled the order. Well, I received my free kit and the next month supply, not realizing that my bank account had been billed $78.00 plus dollar for the extra kit. I sent the extra kit back with the request to be... read full review »
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loreal bronzing spray
sue57 June 23, 2011
I have bought the l'oreal bronzing spray twice now and both tops have clogged up and come off after using only a few times. They were from my local asda costing £12 pounds each, they would not give me cedit and told me to sent them back to you. I thought by buying a more expensive make, it would be better quality, obviously not. read full review »
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BruceGFootballer June 23, 2011
American Memorabilia paid me in 5 Days. American Memorabilia sold my items for over $30K. Athletes, Celebrities, Super Stars, are among American Memorabilia clients. Super Fast Payments and they are very knowledgable. American Memorabilia knew about my Sonny Liston items when no one else did. AmericanMEmorabilia is the only place to buy sell and consign. read full review »
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B Makowsky Bag (off white)
B Ross June 23, 2011
June 10, 2011 Customer Service Dear Sir or Madam: I have recently purchase a B Makowsky bag at the TJMAXX store in Kennesaw, GA on May 2011. Unfortunately, when I opened my bag and decided to wear the bag about two weeks later, I notice a little spot was on the bag and it looked dirty. I started to keep it because I really like the bag, but I said why pay so much for this bag, and it is dirty, so I decided to return the bag, the store clerk asked if there was anything wrong with the bag, I said yes, the bag was a little soil... read full review »
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Pepsi Beverage Company/Coke Cola
babygirl32712 June 23, 2011
After being laid off for over 2 years..I was down to my last dime..I applied for a job at Coke C ola first..I was highly qualified for that job and was told "you stand a great chance..we will call you within a week for further details about this job" over a week passed and no call, so I called them and was rudely told "no call no job" this was a week before my last unemployment check..I decided fu Coke, so I applied at Pepsi..after nearly 2 weeks they contacted me for an interview..I went in was interviewed and was told "it... read full review »
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DUST ROCK BAND from Iceland
David Tremiger June 23, 2011
I scheduled a show with the Icelandic rock band Dust in the summer of last year. I figured it would be a great experience, since I have booked a handful of Icelandic bands in the past. This group was different, and I noticed it from the moment they arrived at my club. They demanded everything from better food, better drinks, to new sound equipment. They actually told me they would not go on, unless I went out and found them new amps to use. I told them there is no way I am finding new equipment. What I have is perfectly fine. They sat there... read full review »
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lee50 June 23, 2011
I thought it was an actual Coach Outlet website. I assumed it was like any other outlet store which normally sells authentic merchandise with slight defects. I ordered two bags which had terrible workmanship and smelled horrible. If I had know I was ordering bags from China, the order would not have been placed. I have requested a refund four times to no avail. Their response is a $10.00 refund and a big discount on my next order...are they kidding? I was told they could not give me a complete refund. I have been communicating through email... read full review »
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