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Kamal TGupta June 29, 2011
We are having your company cell phone which having weak network . If you solve this problem in 10-15 days otherwise we will convert this line into Airtel . And stop this sending unwanted messages & calls . Mainly in given area. Area : Mundka, Delhi - 41 read full review »
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Compliant-man June 29, 2011
Ordered last week a D7000 with 18-105 lens from Received yesterday the parcel (with ups in 2 days). The parcel was the same size of the camera box with no bubble bags, jiffy or padded bag to protect the box. Other issues: 1.I ordered on the .ie website, IRELAND, English language. The paper manual was in FRENCH language 2.The charger plug was European and not UK-irish The worst of all was and issue with the Nikkor lenses. When autofocus was working, I could hear a noisy sound, totally different from the sound of a normal... read full review »
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3120 classic nokia phone
Nokia 3120 classic June 29, 2011
hii, i have Nokia 3120 classic.i brought it in feb phone displays contact service while i switch on my phone. plz give me the solution. read full review »
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Famous Tate
Famz8 June 29, 2011
DO NOT purchase from Famous Tate! Every appliance I have purchased has needed repairs almost immediately. I always purchase the maintenance agreement and have used the same salesman. Somehow he erroneously did not add the warranty:. My front load washing machine does not work, 1 month after the 1 year mark/. They do NOT care and the salesperson answering the phone was inconsiderate and did not have an ounce of customer service training;. (name rhymns with moe)'. My refrigerator went up a little over a year and I lost over 500 dollars in food;. My dishwasher has never worked right|. After two weeks, STILL NO HELP'.No one cares. read full review »
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samsung C3510
asrith June 29, 2011
mobile: samsung c3510 lost mobile Imei: 358650030358279 contact Email: contect mobile no.: 9849708844 read full review »
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ramses delux
medhat elfaizy June 29, 2011
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Nokia 2700
kmanasa888 June 29, 2011
I manasa Lost my mobile during the time of my exams on 22nd june 2011. some one has taken my mobile form my bag . when i came out of the exam hall my bag was not there later i searched for it i didnt got, later i got only bag all my valuable things from bag was stolen including my mobile. If any information contact to my mail id read full review »
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LG/Split Air Conditioner
Dhinesh Babu June 29, 2011
I have recently bought a split air conditioner from the LG showroom in Velachery, Chennai. The air condition is just 3 weeks old and it stopped working after the first week of installation. I filed a request to the LG customer care to attend the compliant. Its been a week now since i filed the compliant and no one turned up to fix the issue so far. When ever i call the customer care i get the same answer from them that the compliant will be attended within 24 hrs. I am totally disappointed purchasing the product from LG and the kind of... read full review »
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AT&T Samsung Infuse
naturalavenue June 28, 2011
As an arachnophobic, I cannot stand the AT&T commercial with the spider. Unlike a program where I can choose not to watch the show, I am continuously caught unaware by the spider on commercial television. It is offensive, and someone with a worse phobia than mine would be traumatized. I feel that the subject matter was handled insensitively. read full review »
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lakshmi info
millioneer June 28, 2011
please do not buy any products from lakshmi info kakinada or its head branch at glass house kakinada... they cheat the customers by selling computers that are not in guarantee but cheat the customers by saying the computers are in guarantee.. if we go to them with any problems they simply says i said guarantee for only that and this--- they plays a cheap tricks on customers for earning money--- BE AWARE OF LAKSHMI INFO - KAKINADA read full review »
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Nicihr June 28, 2011
I recently bought a new car. Well actually, it was almost a year and a half ago, but it was a really cool new car, one of the flagship models from a leading car manufacturer. It cost me 40.000 Euros. The car moves like a dream and I was really pleased with it. After a couple of months I started buying and installing some extra equipment, an upgraded stereo, some extra lights. And I even had an engine upgrade for 5000 Euros. Then, one morning, after a year and three months, the car suddenly wouldn't start. For no apparent reason... read full review »
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Kevin Jones Podiatry Service
Mr. Kevin C. Jones June 28, 2011
I have tried on a number of occasions to get help but my request has been totally ignored, despite the message saying they will contact me WITHIN 15 MINUTES during the normal working day. This certainly does not give me any confidence for the future to deal with HEWLETT PACKARD!! I hope someone will have the decency to contact me over this and hope they are not trying to drag this out till the warranty runs out!! I hope I will receive a reply tomorrow morning at the latest or I may need to take this further!!! Mr Kevin C. Jones My e mail address is read full review »
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nokia c7-00 c black
sreejukumar June 28, 2011
I have lost my mobile phone (IMEI No 355960044658165 and ITEM No 002S7D5 WLAN No A071A968C580) at New Market AALO Dist West Siang (Arunachal Pradesh) pls find the new user and pls inform my email address. read full review »
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Virtual PC Doctor
Virtual PC doctor June 28, 2011
Time and again fraudsters have tried and targeted Virtual PC doctor and have spread bad name. Fraudsters have even tried to sketch an immoral figure and change the lookout of people about virtual PC doctor however Virtual PC doctor has been able to combat all the spam’s and stood dominant in the market. In the recent post from, transparency of Virtual PC doctor and its associated service has turned more evident and apparent. read full review »
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Samsang c3010s
Sana Rasheed June 28, 2011
i am a teacher my name is Sana Rasheed. One year ago i was invigilating in examination. when examination time up i was collecting answer copies from the students and my mobile was on table in the class room. when i finished my responsibility, i did not found my mobile. I hear about you by a friend. if Can find my mobile please contact me at 0321-9090002 read full review »
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parentologic pc health advisor
Matthew Jackson Brown June 28, 2011
I want my money back for both the pc health advisor and xsoft anti-spy ware. The program is a joke i can get something the same or better for absolutely nothing. I cant believe i payed about £30 for this. I would appreciate a refund quickly or if not a refund a reply back to inform me of what is going on if i havent heard anything back in a week which will make it the 5th July 2011. If i havent heard back in this time I WILL BE GETTING IN TOUCH WITH MY SOLICITOR AND I WILL LET THEM DEAL WITH IT!! read full review »
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tataindicom sxc-1080 modem
krishnakanta June 28, 2011
sir, i have tataindicom sxc-1080 usb modem. But in the tataindicom network the data browsing speed is very slow. so sir i want to use my modem in other cdma network. please sent me the softwares to unlock this modem. read full review »
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Blackberry Curve (white) 8520
Dimple gala June 28, 2011
Blackberry Curve (WHITE) 8520 PIN: 215C59AC IMEI : 358472038322250 BT MAC: 00 26 FF DA 42 12 MODEL NO: RCG41GW MADE IN HUNGARY read full review »
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Panasonic Cube AC 1.25 ton
Tanushree koley June 28, 2011
Hi, I have purchased one 1.25 panasinic cube AC from Raipur electronics, Kolkata on 9th june 2011 and the same got installed on 11th june 2011. After several complains about the AC is not cooling i have not got any response from your company till date. I also called up the toll free no which was mentioned in the warrenty card and from there complaint no 005746 was provided to me they also asked me to call up Sudipta Mondal at 9163390419. I called up this person several times but no one has visited yet . The address in which i need teh... read full review »
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Munif Alnofae June 27, 2011
Dear Please any Help. I have problem with my refregirator as following: 1- It did not cool 2- I try hard to make appointment with Samsun Agent in Riyadh Saudi Arabia( call center not answering...i visit them and made appointment) 2- Technical visited and asked to move refreg to workshope because it needs alot of time for inspection) 3- No update till I call SamSung company complain center (Dubai) 4- after they fix it, it brokdown agin even worse it heating (not as before just not cooling). also door screen is blinking...more... read full review »
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samsung double door refrigerator
vishal chadha June 27, 2011
I got my refrigerator repaired through engineer (Mr Saif Mb. No. 9872136780) samsung authorised service center Panchkula-Haryana. He charged us Rs. 1250/- he did not gave any reciept for this. After one month refrigerator had same problem I again contacted samsung people and they gave me complaint No. 8431308131 which was attended after 3 days by Mr. Harpal Singh Mb. No. 8968590492. But he could not rectify the problem and again I had approach samsung people and on 19-6-11 their third Engineer Mr. Shyam Mb. No. 896867219 came he also was of no... read full review »
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GE - General Electric
Frogigit June 27, 2011
I got my GE Refrigerator in Nov 2006 with the purchase of my new home. I also have a GE Dishwasher, Stove and Microwave. Within the first month of moving into my home I called GE service for warranty repair on my Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Stove and Microwave. I will concentrate on the Refrigerator since this is the main issue that I suffer with the most. I complained of the Refrigerator making a very loud noise and not cooling correctly. I was told that this is normal and nothing was done. Within the following year the problem persisted but... read full review »
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Bid Wire Mobile
N. Guido June 27, 2011
Received 10 (ten!) text messages within a ten-minute period, each one advertising a different consumer electronic product, i.e., SUBJ: black nintendo wiis for $10.79; SUBJ: black wii for $5.00; SUBJ: get a $18.00 Smart 3D TV; SUBJ: $2.00 dell netbooks. Website is a crock . . . read full review »
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Worldwide Camera Centre
jpynom June 27, 2011
PURCHASE IN SINGAPORE OF SANYO CAMRECORDER VPC-CG 100 On Monday the 13th June we had some fortunate dealings with the following retailer. On the 13th of June I became unwell and had to seek assistance in the above premises. I was later taken to hospital and hospitalized for the next 3 days. At first he was quite helpful but as time progressed he started to exert pressure for us to buy a video camera which at the time we did not attend to purchase. We also feel that in hindsight he exploited the situation Although he was aware of my... read full review »
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whirlpool washer cabrio 580
Tammiemarie June 26, 2011
I sure got sucked in by the "latest and greatest" no agitator Whirlpool cabrio 580 machine. It becomes unbalanced very often, even though I was told by the salesperson that it will never unbalance. When washing in the delicate mode some of the clothes come out dry in places where the water never even touched the clothing. For short people the machine is too tall to reach comfortably into the bottom of machine. I am 53 years old and this is the worst washing machine I have ever used in my life. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. read full review »
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Airtel India/Prepaid Mobile
Dr. V. K. SAXENA June 26, 2011
My prepaid Airtel cell phone no. is 9934394087. About 4-5 yrs. back I, under a scheme of the company, purchased lifetime validity in Rs. 1000.00 . About three months back when I had arround Rs. 1450.00 worth talktime in my cell, They stopped connecting my calls, and instead a voice started saying that I had no validity left in my cell, and I should recharge at the earliest. well when I got recharged with approx. Rs. 16 then my cell started showing validity but talktime it was showing nil. Meaning thereby the company has swallowed my approx... read full review »
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Haresh U Patel June 26, 2011
I have purchased a handycam from a reputed dealer of sony in thane, mumbai, india few days back. I have no idea about the product whether it is a genuine one or a grey market piece. I would like to know if the purchased product is registered on sony website or not. But there is no facility on sony india website if a person want to register a product. There is no facility to check if the purchased product has been registered correctly or not. There should be such facility on website so that a person can check the product if it is a registered product or NOT ?. -Haresh Patel read full review »
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pc optimizer pro
ken kocolowski July 4, 2011
i purchasd their service this morning for their advertised price of $12.45. When i contacted them later this day, they wanted to charge me more for what they said they could do. read full review »
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jecraw June 25, 2011
My daughter's original phone quit working. We have insurance through At&t. The phone was replaced with a 'reconditioned' Pantec Lazer on May 23, 2011. We paid the $50 deductible. My daughter noticed the charger board loose when she plugged it in, & thought nothing of it. On June 24, 2011 the Pantec went dead & wouldn't take a charge. After 3 hours of transfers & disconnects, it was determined the Pantec's battery was bad. We received a new battery the next day. The phone still wouldn't take a charge. Called At&t... read full review »
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samsung i5500
dilipkumarp June 25, 2011
i lost my cel on 25 june 2011..pls try to track it n mail the status to my mail id read full review »
Filled under: Electronics Location: India
ANIQA WAHEED June 25, 2011
i LOST MY MOBILE ON 15 JUNE 2011 AT 9:15 AM. read full review »
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ASUS / UL50VT Notebook
Kiwegapawa June 24, 2011
ASUS UL50VT-RBBB UL50VT-RBBBK05/CORE2SU7300 ... First I should note, I am not a Layman in commenting on this situation that befell me. I am New York State Certified Tech since 1986 and became an Engineer in 2002 with my design of the first multimedia hardware system. Advertized by Intel March 2003, two weeks into the month Intel then shrunk down to the Itrinium CPU. This I hired Alienware to build for me in the Area 51 Tower on the Intel D850EMVR. This just a small amount of my personal experience to establish my credentials. ... read full review »
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Fry's/computer components
RobertJYoung June 24, 2011
I went into Fry's a month ago with a friend to buy components for a computer. I put my limit at one thousand dollars and hit a couple hundred under that. When We got back and started putting everything together it was all going smooth until we started running programs and then it started crashing consistently and was having a bunch of other issues. I could not even run the internet without it crashing on me. When we later went to return the processor, motherboard, graphic card and the ram everything was going fine until they looked at the... read full review »
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garry aspirateur
william almsteadt June 24, 2011
vac. does not clean and sounds like a jet plane at take off warrenty said that you would replace vac. if does not work like advertized i expect to see another one delivered model gl100 lot #4100043-5k thank you read full review »
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gsm92761 June 24, 2011
Filled under: Electronics Location: India
sharmamanoj June 24, 2011
Sir, I have purchased a Compaq 610 On dated 12 Aug 2010 from Pioneer infotech 304 Jagat Trade Center, Fraser Road Patna having Product No.WP374 PA#ACJ and S/No. 00801J3. Sir, after Some day I found some problem in it that is the pre installed games and music not responding and when I shut down the notebook it show that waiting for EXPLORER.EXE playing Logging off Sound and I contacted with my dealer and told him about that but he told that restart the unit it may not come again and again it comes after two days then he told me to... read full review »
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Onida flate colore TV
Raklesh Kumar Singh June 24, 2011
Respected sir . I have purchased one onida flate colore TV on teh month of july 2010 and it was having problem since bigning, problem is after s/off the tv one red strip is coming on the screen, many time ihave given the complain to service center, they have kept the tv for one week at service center but still the problem was existing and now one another problem is that the tv geting on .So kindly look after my problem at the earlist. Thank you. read full review »
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Altamimi June 23, 2011
Filled under: Electronics Location: United States
Toshiba 55" HDTV
J Fox Jr June 23, 2011
I purchase d a 55" Toshiba HDTV from Best Buy in December. In less than 5 months and probably less than 100 hours of use, the TV broke. Called Toshiba for warranty service and they assign it to their authorized repair shop in the Dallas area. Bayard Electronics then takes information over the phone and they determine what they think is wrong with it. THEN they order a part and after 3 weeks FINALLY sent someone out to repair the TV. However, when they show up, they inform me that what they THOUGHT was wrong with it is not the problem at... read full review »
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Fido Phone
Decoded June 23, 2011
I ordered a cell phone online from Fido, 9 days ago and they still havent even shipped it from the warehouse. I phoned serveral times to cancel the order or atleast pick it up at at fido store, and they allways say theres NOTHING they an do to help untill it arrives at my house. Useless bad customer service. I've had the same number with them for 7 years and they can't help...Think i'll be going to Rogers. read full review »
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