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Haya boosa January 20, 2011
Avoid Maternity here -Keep Dr Pramila and Dr Rani Far away
My request to people of UAE, specially expats, please do your homework well before visiting hospital

I am currently visiting Zulekha hospital in dubai, only God can save us, 1st time i met Dr pramila, supposed to specialist in Gynae, but i think her speciality is collecting money in various ways and scaring the patient all the time, i think old age doctors should take a permanent break and give younger one's a chance.

Then i moved to Dr Rani Krishna, i think again god has to save me, she has no interest except in the system in front of her & how to give patient some or the other test so that she could make some money.

Is zulekha hospital listening, Dr Daud, chairperson, please wake up and visit these bunch of quacks in Zulekha and please replace them, Dr Rani has no time, she doesn't even read the patient report and will assume everything and want's the patient to leave immediately, she doesnt know we are paying a fortune to get treated .
All doc want normal to be sent to 'C ' section so they get better commsions, i guess ??

Its important that Govt of UAE thinks about some measures to set a standard and price and services rendered to a petient .

Zulekha hospital is a sad & horrific experience, rather deliver with a midwife kept at home and take private consulation, this comment is to open eyes, but if something goes wrong in my case, the world will see it in the open.

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