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Talarawrer July 16, 2011
perfectweddingforever.com Stay away from this site
I bought an evening dress from perfectweddingforever.com at cost of $160 and I received it last week. To be honest, the dress looks very nice and very well made. However, I was charged $50 tax when I get the parcel. I emailed them and ask why I was charged $50, the dress self just $160, I emailed them and wondering if they can take charge of the tax and refund me$50. However, they are not willing to take this charge. Below is reply I got from them:

Dear XX,

I am so sorry to hear that you are charged $50 from custom. This situation is rarely happened in us. Normally 95% of our customers no need to pay this charge. However, we donot guarantee customers 100% do not pay tax because it is out of our control. I am really sorry we can not take this charge for you according to your policy.

Best regards,

I am so angry with them, at least they should tell me this before I ordered from them.or they should write this on their site to remind buyers.So please stay away from this site, even you are interest in this site, you should ask if you will be charged tax.

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