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ExWiproFresher January 7, 2011
Wipro is sniping at me and harassing me since past 12 years
Dear Officer,

Good morning!!

Please read my below mail which only highlights 0.1% of the torture caused by Wipro to me and my family members. Please ensure I get justice from our Indian ethical and moral system. I am still being sniped by abusive voices whereever I go and live. Please stop and ensure these snipers are punished. I heard several intelligent voices/messages like
'Hey Azim!',
'Premji killed your father.',
'I am Premji. I love your mother so I shagged on her. Call me papa.',
'Your mother is a whore.',
'Anuradha got your mother fucked.',
'Deviprasad fucked your mother even before you abused him.',
'Shag on Anuradha.',
'Software is a bogus industry.',
'Your father Bhadram was killed in Wipro.',
'Don't invest in stocks.' (may 2008),
'India is wired forever.',
'Go back.',
'Clone you remember everything.',
'India will be bombed if you buy the second plot.',
'There is a satellite on your head.',
'Premji is your dad.',
'The country which plays foul games with a home will never develop.',
'Russia will win the third world war.',
'US will suicide if you leave US.'
'You will be followed till grave if you don't join Wipro.',
'You will be given current shocks if you talk.' as if it was my neighbor Raghava Rao,
'AT&T will call you back.' after I was fired by AT&T I got a job call from them,

'Bhaichut.', When I was 7 years old I saw Sagar movie and imitated Rishi Kapoor (in a song where Dimple Kapadia was wearing red saree) with my younger brother. I was not aware that it was wrong at that time. I might have repeated that for 5-10 times with my brother until my brother warned me to complain to my mother. Then I was scared as if it was a sin and I stopped doing such things forever. Later when I was in 7th class I learned human reproduction and the word 'fuck'. I felt guilty about what I did to my brother and wrote a note on a piece of paper like this 'God forgive me for fucking my brother.' I gradually forgot everything and suddenly after quitting Wipro an evil force from somewhere started blackmailing me by saying 'Baichut'. I was first surprised and suddenly recollected to see my small piece of paper missing. Hope you understood the rest. I was forced to commit suicide the next day after I disclosing this fact to OU Psychiatry Department HOD Raghurami Reddy in March 2002. I was tortured to hell in the hospital. I got different dreams as if I was in hell and also I was beefed on every longitude of earth. There were dreams like I swimmed to star Sun being scared by Premji who posed as God with many women as his wives including my mom. Video games were played on my mind by Wiproites and the pain factor was at peak then. Pl. find my employment history at http://{surname}.tripod.com/
etc etc etc.

I am not sure the source of these voices, but I feel there are couple of parties who passed messages through SONAR. I was completely shattered by these kind of voices in head. Pl. don't think I am joking. BTW, the superpower Russia never outsourced software from any country this itself proves Software industry is bogus. I suspect someone from Wipro drugged me to make me behave awkwardly and experience the pain in past. There are still some traces of that drug in my body. Does it make one a DNA computer?

I have complete faith in my mother due to my past experiences and I suspect some sort of radio waves might have caused me and my family members behave abnormally. So, pl. take action on those snipers who injected thoughts by passing radio waves or through other means.

The 10yrsx365.25x24x7 round the clock continuous stream of voices in my head made me lose control on my senses and I started abusing everybody in my surroundings in past. This spoiled my PR and it became a chain reaction whereever I went. Wipro played such dirty tactics to ruin my life and public image. I was 300% loyal when I was with Wipro, but Wipro did not even return 1% loyalty. I feel whoever works for this mafia Wipro will be happy until they work for them and suddenly tortured when he quits them or plans to quit them. This is from my experience. You can find out from other Wiproites and ex-Wiproites. Please do a survey.

Above all, pl. do justice to me, ExWiproFresher and my dear n near ones at the earliest.

Thanks and Regards,

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Vasant <{surname}@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 12:25 AM
Subject: Re: Fw: Pl. do justice asap
To: Shaji K S <[email protected]>
Cc: [email protected]

Dear Shaji,

Good morning!!

Firstly, let me express my gratitude for receiving this mail from you. Secondly I have not contacted any lawyer before or after sending this mail. So, my intention is not to put you/Wipro in trouble but only seek justice from Azim Premji and Wipro. Also incase there are some comments in this mail which could be misinterpreted due to my lack of legal communication skills, please let me know.

Let me put the real facts in front you. Sometimes, I feel I am not ExWiproFresher Kumar {surname} because I feel ExWiproFresher Kumar {surname} is dead and I am reborn as Vasant. I really don't know the reasons for that, but I know everything that happened to ExWiproFresher and how he used to think. So, let me explain this story as not my story but the story of ExWiproFresher Kumar {surname}.

From here onwards I refer to ExWiproFresher Kumar {surname} as ExWiproFresher or I. Deviprasad Rambhatla is referred as Deviprasad.

ExWiproFresher was a very sincere and brilliant student who was recruited by Wipro Systems in 1996 from JNTU College of Engineering. ExWiproFresher was admired by everybody in the college because he was bright, friendly and yet humble. He completed his studies in June 1997 and reported at Wipro Bangalore on 7th July, 1997. He was given training for two months in Bangalore and transferred back to Hyderabad in September 1997. ExWiproFresher was ambitious but he had no day dreams. He wanted to stick to Wipro just like his father sticked to IOB. In the first week of his reporting at Wipro Hyderabad, he observed Deviprasad Rambhatla having a verbal argument with Nathan in a computer lab. This created a bad impression for Deviprasad in ExWiproFresher's mind. Later, ExWiproFresher was made part of a group which was being monitored by Deviprasad to assist Nathan for pooling a team for IBM Japan's Daikoku project. We were given one month time to learn JAVA and one fine day Deviprasad (Deviprasad Rambhatla) conducted a written test on JAVA for the group. Everybody in the group copied the answers from ExWiproFresher and ExWiproFresher still assumed he would be rated number one choice for the project. Against his expectations Deviprasad announced ExWiproFresher as the last choice for the project which hurted ExWiproFresher, but still ExWiproFresher kept quiet thinking Deviprasad is cheating. Later the team shortlisted for Daikoku project was introduced to Nathan and the other senior members. The junior Daikoku team was kept in a lab to create a demo and learn the Symantec IDE. On the first day in the lab, Deviprasad again interfered and forced ExWiproFresher to work on user interface inspite of ExWiproFresher's request to involve him in backend. This again hurted ExWiproFresher but ExWiproFresher kept quiet and developed a code generator which talks to backend for generating DAO, VO and Constraint JAVA classes. Since Nathan was not accessible ExWiproFresher disclosed this innovation to junior Daikoku team. The idea was not appreciated by Viswanadham in the junior team. Losing no faith, ExWiproFresher then showed this code generator to Srini, a senior member in Daikoku project. Srini appreciated this idea. One day Nathan was not in office and Anil Pillai called ExWiproFresher to pay a visit to Nathan and his wife in a hospital. ExWiproFresher went to hospital twice along with Sridhar to give mental support to Nathan.

The next day ExWiproFresher heard Nathan was out of Daikoku project because he had no project plan and creating a demo was not IBM's expectation on the client's visit to Hyderabad. ExWiproFresher was informed that Deviprasad was elected as the PM for this project by the senior management. That day morning Deviprasad approached ExWiproFresher and enquired about his code generator. ExWiproFresher then did not realize that Nathan was not informed about his code generator and Deviprasad is manipulating the facts to climb the corporate ladder. ExWiproFresher then used to fine tune his code generator as per his team members' demands, also develop new customized ui components for the project, also bring the project out of deprecated situations with his code parsers and generators, deliver modules in the project where there was no documentation and only word of mouth. As a whole ExWiproFresher was doing 3 people's job. This happened till December 1997. Meanwhile, Deviprasad used to consistently make false promises of hiking ExWiproFresher's salary or send ExWiproFresher and Viswanadham to Japan. Later one fine day Deviprasad declared that he is going to send Viswanadham alone to Japan with his usual way of demoralizing ExWiproFresher in the team meetings. Later Viswanadham announced he has no passport and then Deviprasad approached ExWiproFresher to go Japan. Since ExWiproFresher too had no passport ExWiproFresher expressed his inability to go Japan. ExWiproFresher also had a troubling family problem to stop him from going to Japan. Later Sridhar from Daikoku team went to Japan in January 1998. The team was kept under immense pressure to deliver as we were reaching some unknown or unannounced delivery dates. We were working late nights since the beginning of January 1998. ExWiproFresher was one day in January 1998 working late till 9 pm at Wipro office and his dad called him to come home immediately. So, ExWiproFresher seeked Deviprasad's permission to go home and Deviprasad sarcastically denied his request. This has upset ExWiproFresher and he used some bad language against Deviprasad after going back to his seat. ExWiproFresher went home later and forgot about it in a week. Somehow, IBM Japan forced Deviprasad to come Japan in February 1998. After this incident ExWiproFresher was abused on his face by everybody at JIPC Wipro starting from third week of February 1998. Meanwhile Deviprasad sitting in Japan used to change the requirements of ExWiproFresher's deliverable modules everyday back and forth. Since, there was no configuration management tool then ExWiproFresher had to always struggle to keep upto speed. This tons of work pressure from Deviprasad and abusive comments from fellow colleagues in JIPC broke ExWiproFresher. ExWiproFresher submitted his resignation to KGK and Dakshina Murthy M. Hope you realized how badly ExWiproFresher was manipulated by Deviprasad. ExWiproFresher did not even know that Deviprasad behind this bad phase in Wipro and simply came out of Wipro without uttering a single word against anybody in the exit interview of Wipro.

Since, then ExWiproFresher had hearing voices problem where ever he lived or worked. He could not sustain his relationships with any person or organization. ExWiproFresher was 365x24x60x60 tortured between 1998-2003 without letting him to smile for a moment. ExWiproFresher was forced to commit suicide in March 2002. I could say ExWiproFresher saw hell because of being associated with Wipro and Deviprasad. I the other form of ExWiproFresher, sent several mails to Azim Premji and Vivek Paul to seek justice. Unfortunately, the hearing voices problem is still hurting me and making me live in an unreal world. So, pl. let me know how Wipro can do justice to me by compensating me, giving permanent cure for my hearing voices problem and punishing the wrong doers in my/ExWiproFresher's life.

Last but not the least, my only intention behind this mail is to seek justice from Azim Premji and Wipro but not to harm them.

I look forward to your quick and favorable response.

Thanks and Regards,

On Wed, Mar 5, 2008 at 10:26 PM, Shaji K S <[email protected]> wrote:
Hi Vasant,

Please elaborate on the below email sent across by you, to help us get more information on the issue you have raised.



From: Vasant [mailto:{surname}@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2008 6:22 AM
To: Azim Premji (WC01 - CMD OFFICE)
Subject: Pl. do justice asap

Dear Premji,

Wiproites and your supporters have ruined my life along with the life of my family members. You are responsible for that. Pl. do justice to me asap.

Thanks and Regards,
July 15, 2008
Worst customer care service
Firstly, the advise rendered by the customer care executive (CCE) over the call was false which resulted in me recharging for certain amount which bears no resemblance to my need or the advise of the CCE. Thereafter, when I called Airtel customer care today, the CCE who answered the call had no answers for my concern, and when requested to transfer the call to his manager, the CCE disconnect the call and never returns back. Is this the service for which Airtel places CCE who carry the no-responsibility attitude?

The service of Airtel CCE is absolutely worst. The CCE was not able to understand my concern but for repeating his words again and again.
June 10, 2008
Terrible quality product
I had purchased Nokia 6270 18 months back .It had lots of problem like:

1)Slider problem.
2)auto restart.
3)S/w problem.
4)Memory card lock.
5)Network problem.
6)poor video quality.

I gave for service 3 times and once they changed the software version my sound quality was also bad.There was not any permanent fix and I have got a replacement for my mobile after a month.The new mobile was working fine and i am getting many problems after 3 months.The Nokia service seems to be very worst.I very well know that nothing is going to happen writing in this complain board but still i suffered a lot investing a big amount.
May 30, 2008
Customer No is not working
May 8, 2008
Bill amount

My mobile number is 9710903773.

I took the post paid connection through Wipro in the month of April, I received the bill for April month as Rs 292.But when i tried to pay by my bill through online Rs 478 has been deducted.

Please let me know why double the amount has been debited?Will the extra amount will be refunded?

Please send me the reply to my email id [email protected]

And also i have sent a mail to deactivate my number 9710903773 temporarily since im out of station for a month and i haven't got any reply..Please let me know the status of too...

Awaiting for ur earilest reply
Thanks Dheepa
May 1, 2008
Lost Mobile
I am Pankaj Darure, i have lost my mobile phone yesterday, please block the sim card so that the picker doesnt make any calls from my phone...my phone no is 9923123435. I would want to get this no back for my new phone.
April 23, 2008
Straitened Services Of Airtel
Complaints on "Airtel - Bangalore"
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Airtel - Bangalore
Posted: 2007-05-07 by Deepak [send email]
Pathetic customer care!

Complaint Rating:

I recharged with Rs. 210 which is a validity one.. in that the was an hidden offer which has 1 Rs rental per day..

I sent message for deactivating it on 16th April and on 20 th I raised a complaint also... for that by that stupid 198 service...
its still not deactivated..

When i wanna talk to superior.. these CC people simply hang up the call..

Then what is the sense of CC people..

Airtel --- has Servers which will be also out of service .. this is the only answer CC people says...

Pathetic support center people who disconnects the call when they don’t find any answer and there is no survey response come when they disconnect the call by their own...

Only have limited information with corrupted database and always try to be adamant on that info... I have never seen such disgusting support anywhere except Airtel Bangalore.

Please Keep Some Good Educated People...
February 27, 2008
Passprt status
I have applied the passport for my spouse on 29th Jan,2008.

when i see the status , always showing "police report has nt been recieved"
Could anybody tell me the follow up the status of passport.

Jv ,

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