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kalinga April 19, 2023
100% recommend
I love this company. They have done the work to my family's house perfectly. I would 100% recommend this company to anyone who wants to start building their houses. Amazing company!
Hassan Saleem Azeez November 27, 2018
Reliable and Excellent
I am a customer of Vajira house Builders and they built my house with quality standards. I very much recommend them without any hesitation to anyone else as they gave me a very good service. Vajira House is a good and reliable company. My investment was above 10 million and they did a splendid job. I have given my statement in below video and very much stand by it. These negative comments seem to be fabricated or illustrated just to create a bad impression about the company.
Vajira House October 29, 2018
Defamatory and False accusations about our company
We are a company who has been in the industry for over 100 years and we do not run any scams and frauds. If we do so we cannot survive in the industry for this long. We are a construction company and we undertake to build houses on the customer's land and we sign very clear agreements with the stage wise breakdown in payments and completion stages. We build and handover quality houses and our customers satisfaction and that is our end objective. All our customers are satisfied with our services and construction and their reviews and comments are our greatest strength. Please see the comments and reviews of our customers. This review is very misleading because this is merely this persons opinions which are given without any valid proof just to damage our company reputation. for more inquiries call, viber or visit us 0718688260/0711125146/0710121184 (Country code +94) Land Lines :0112577191,2577192 E-mail :[email protected] Office:No 23,Deal Place A,Colombo 3
Suren Attanayake July 11, 2011
The serious defects in the house
We contracted Vajira House Builders (pvt) Ltd Colombo Sri Lanka to build a house in Nadimala Dehiwela, in December 2007 by signing a formal agreement. As per the agreement they promised to complete the house in 12 months. However, it took nearly two years to complete the construction of the house and this was done after logging several complaints at the bamabalapitiya police, fraud bureau, the CID and Consumer Affairs Authority. During this period we found that the construction site completely abandoned on many occasions and construction was completely halted for very long periods. Vajira House Builders promised in writing to the bambalapitya police several times saying that they will finish construction few months from the date of the written promise. Every written promise to the police was broken.

When we occupied the house we found many serious defects and there was no water connection or a permanent electricity connection. Varija said that they have arranged with the next door house to provide water via a hose in order to fill a water tank on the ground. Only a single phase temporary electricity connection was provided which was really intended for construction purposes only. They promised us, the police and the Consumer Affairs Authority that a permanent water connection and a permanent three phase electricity connection will be provided after a few months from the time we started to occupy the house. We were given a water connection only after 2 year of getting water every day from the next door house. We faced a lot of problems during this time as the next door house refused the give water on certain days. However, still they haven’t provided the 3 phase permanent electricity connection they promised. We still used the temporary electricity connection which was given for construction purposes.

They also promised to provide and install a set of pantry cupboards when they were contracted and even promised us that it will be provided after 3 months of occupation. Still they haven’t honored their promise.

The serious defects we discovered when we occupied the house at the end of 2009 are given below. NONE have been fixed up to today and it has been nearly two years!
1.The swage pipe which takes swage from 3 bathrooms to the cesspit has been leaking for the past two years! The outside wall and the inside of one wall and the swage pipe is continuously wet as a result of the leak.
2.The roof is leaking when it rains and room bed rooms are getting wet. One bedroom wall is has mold and algae growth because of the roof leak.
3.Trips and circuit breakers in 3 breaker/trip boxes have NOT BEEN EARTHED!

4.The outside wall of one bathroom is continuously wet and the paint and plaster has peeled off due to a water leak.
5.The top floor bathroom has very low water pressure and the hot water showers cannot be used because of this. This was due a design error made by vajira as the water tank is much less than the minimum height above the shower head which is about 7 feet.

We keep complaining the Consumer Affairs Authority and the Police and the case is still pending against Vajira. Vajira House Builders keeps informing us they will send workers on specific days and we take leave from work on those days but they never turn up.When we call them on those days they don’tpick up their mobiles. On some occasions they claim that the workers were ill and on other occations they claim that they claim that they came to our house and no one was there, which are untrue. Once several employees came and just examined the house and left promising to fix all defects. But NONE of the DEFECTS HAVE BEEN FIXED.


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