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Razina Ahmed January 27, 2011
Ill behaiviour, ripp off, over dozed cat with wrong medicines
Is this Vet near the Sharjah Animal market? The first shop on the left hand side. His name is Dr. Samir. I went to him with my Cat 2 days back as she was suffering from loose stool and fever. The guy started to see what was wrong with the cat, and he told me that we have to give her antibiotics shots for continous four days, and he said that she has som stomach infection. Then he told me, he will do some coating of the cats stomach and he started feeding the cat some medicines, then he gave her 3 injections. When I asked the guy which medicines are those, he told me that he knows his job and it is not my job to understand, that too very rudely. Then when he started giving her all the injections, I was worried what was happening to my cat as she was crying out of pain because of all the fluids, and the guy kept screaming that I am asking him too many questions and This is the process. In total he charged me 345DHS=>95 for consultation, 150 for injections, 25 for the coating and the rest was just randon fluids (which were nothging but saline water). Since that day my cat is vomiting everyday, which is normal. I called him after 3 days to ask him again to which medicines he gave, and he refused to tell me and that too very very rudely. Instead he started asking me why I am not bringing the cat to give her more injections (for him which is more money). Then I called him again, when I pressurized him he mentioned he gave her Biotine medicine orally. Trust me they were 3 big tubes, and now what I understand he over dozed my cat. When I told him that this is not how to treat your clients and we have full right to know what medicines you are giving to my cat. He started yelling that he is always too busy so he cant explain. I lastly mentioned to him that I will report his behaiviour and he kept yelling that he will take us to the court, which was extremely funny. Tomowrow I will be going back to his clinic to pay the remaining bill as the first day I could only pay his 300 AED and I was out of my money. I need more witness to take actions against this Dr. Samir as he has been doing wrong treatments to the animals and ripping off worried clients. Please provide me more information if any one has facewith this clinic, my email: [email protected]

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