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Loksze April 3, 2011
Extreme poor ground services
I am here writing to file a serious complaint regarding to the ground services of Swiss Airline. I was on the flight LX188 (from Zurich to Shanghai) on 31st March; I got the plane and still feeling deeply humiliated and furious about ground service staff of Swiss Airline. As a COO of Swiss Airline, with your airline professional service guarantee and commitment, I believe you would like to know what happened and you would be able to solve the issues and improve the service standard further.
Complaint 1: Bad and Rude service and attitude also with serious threat
I was in Gate E52, Zurich time 12:30pm on 31st March, I was about to board, in the process of showing my passport and ID card. I am from Hong Kong, so I was holding a valid Hong Kong passport as well as a valid China ID card to pass through China immigration once I arrived.
The Swiss airline ground service staff hold me up and check both my passport and China ID card, however, one of the female ground service staff claimed that she never saw this type of China ID card, so, she doubt the validity, then she called another male staff, which I believe is a Q.A officer, 5’7 tall, brown hair, with glasses, this male staff was very rude with very bad services. I was asking him the reason why I needed to be hold on, he loudly threatened me by saying that if I didn’t watch my attitude, he would detain me to stay in Swiss forever when I was only asking why and what wrong with my China ID card with a gentle tone. I would like you to help me check the staff rotation sheet and identify to whom I am referring.
Complaint 2: Sexual and Racial Discrimination to women and Chinese
There is another Hong Kong male passenger being hold up, the male staff is checking his China ID card issue too, however, this male passenger wasn’t speak well English, I was next to him and offered my help to explain, however, once I spoke, again this male staff from Swiss airline, claimed that he only spoke to male instead of women, I was very angry when I heard that! It was a serious gender discrimination issue I have ever encountered my life, I have been traveling quite a lot, with excellent airlines services like Cathay Pacific, Dragon airline, Singapore airline, Thai airline, Qantas, etc. and never experienced such ridiculous and rude attitude by the ground service staff when I did nothing wrong just speaking up and trying to communicate and offer my help to my fellow Hong Kong citizen.
Complaint 3: Swiss Airline Professionalism to check passenger passports and ID card
After almost 10 mins, this male staff did nothing to show the professionalism of checking of my ID card with related professional manners as well as standard process, while I believe there were over 5 million of Hong Kong citizens would hold the same China ID card and they might encounter the same problem, I doubt your airline staff professionalism manner of this. Your airline staff just keep saying our cards are fake cards, the only concern of him was that, if the cards were fake, he would be in trouble and Swiss airline would be fined. This is his only concern of the issues instead of caring the customers.
I was completely disappointed by Swiss Airline ground service attitude and standard, I am definitely sure that I would NEVER fly with Swiss Airline again. I was attending the Baselworld and I was with multiple business partners around the world and I do think they would like to know the ways of being treated by the ground service of Swiss Airline. I would definitely tell them make more sensible airline selections for their flights.

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