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Paffendorf July 1, 2011
Poor service
For the past several weeks now we have been having issues with our services. We have a bundled package consisting of Cable, Phone and Internet. Our cable has little issues as well as our phone, however, our internet, well, lets just say its poor at best. It constantly drops signal, however the modem lights remain on and there is no indication on the computer that the signal has dropped. Yesterday (6-30-2001) we wrote down and counted 51 times the signal dropped, today, it has dropped 33 times. Although it has been going on for a few weeks now. We have contacted Suddenlink and all they want to do is send a technition out, which if fine, however, we have had every inch of cable and the wall plates replaced by Suddenlink about a year ago and more recently the line from the pole to the house. Our modem has been replaced 3 times within a year.

Considering they boast about spending over a quarter of a billion dollars in upgrades, I fail to see exactly where these upgrades were made. I think its all talk and no action sales tactics. And must they run a commercial at every single commercial break? Jerry Kent needs to get out the office and off his duff and do something about the complaints given about this company.

Honestly, if Charter Communications were in this town, I would switch in a heart beat as well probably half the city would. When I lived in Tennessee I had Charter and NEVER had one problem out of them in the 5 years I was a customer. Charter is less expensive for the same services and you get some channels like SYFI FREE where Suddenlink you have to pay for it. What it boils down to is a monopoly in my city.

I do have a scheduled tech coming out on the 7th, July and I made it clear he is to bring a new modem and if its the same one as the the last 3 Ive had, he needs to be prepared to go back to the local office and find another brand (IF it is the modem thats the problem). I am just so sick and tired of poor service. When I pay for something, especially the high price Suddenlink charges, I expect to recieve the reliability and service I pay for.

I have read dozens to hundreds of complaints against Suddenlink and you would think with as many dissatisfied customers they have that they would do something to change it. We'll see what they do come next Wednesday. If all else fails, I will make them rip out everything from the cable to the wall plates to the line at the pole and the box on the side of my house and replace everything. Yes I have wire maintainance and I will use it if need be.

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