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i forgot, Ellsworth, Wisconsin, United States

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p1bs September 2, 2020
the the others are hater
your kids got taken for doing meth you low dirty fuging scum of a human.
TheOtherParker October 11, 2019
Kim is epiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic
TheOtherParker October 11, 2019
Kim is an amazing person and she is verry nice she is also the mm of my friend
BIG BOY45 October 11, 2019
Kim is an amazing person. I am glad she is doing something about these people.
TheBigBoi October 7, 2019
A Legendary MUM
Gave birth to a beautiful Human bean
TheBigBoi October 7, 2019
Legendary Mum
She gave birth to a beautiful human bean
cstoffel February 28, 2016
Kim Stensland is No good I know this to be fact as well
see out story at i havent seen my baby girl since October 8th 2012 and my boys since april 2015 my rights have been terminated and my parents were ignored for two years begging for my boys to be with them. Kim works for money not for children the whole county works for money they dont care about children. I am sorry for the other girl who wrote the other consumer report please reach out to me maybe together we can put a stop to this. so sorry i know the pain i live in hell every day of my life. so do my children they are being allowed to be adopted by a family who molested them even. such a sick system sorry
dgjkhnj 3 June 2, 2011
social worker fucking up my chances of getting my baby back!!
baby born 6, 21, 2010 i got pregnant with him at age 18 with a man i loved and he loved me apparently not any more...-_-CRAPPERS!! i'm 20 years old now and my baby is now 11 months old allmost one years old. i haven't seen him since he was three months old. due to the soical worker evil doing crap. going against the court order for me and the baby. THE JUDGE DOESN"T EVEN CARE!!!

i haven't seen my baby in 8 months now every since my baby was three months old. it was in the court order for me and in the baby's best interest to be back with me his mommy but...he is now 11 months old and the last time i saw my baby in person he was three months old.

i'm dieing and killing my self over not be able to see and protect my baby and care for him. they had no reason taking him away. every person i tell this to feels sorry for me and wishes they could help.

my baby's daddy is now in the picture finally randomly out of the blue the whole time he knew he could of stepped in and did something for me sooner to help me get my baby back.

i haven't seen my baby for eight flippin months and when mister socialpath daddy from military finally stepps in the picture and he gets his first baby visit before i do!!! WTF!!!

as you can tell the attorney they appointed me to a few month ago has not been doing his job and is not a good enough attorney for me. crys baby's daddy had his secound visit with our baby son today instead of letting me see him first which it was in the court order that i have my visitation rights twice a week for three hours and even three times a week if foster parents are available and willing to come over to my place.

i had a phone conversation with foster mom steeling my baby and keeping him away from me just because piece of shit soical worker says so. gees SHE WOULD JOB OFF THE BRIDGE WITH MY BABY IF THE SOCIAL WORKER TOLD YOUR TO DO SO SHE SO BRAINLESS AND HAS NO HEART!!! she ooohhh hes so nice, he is really nice ( baby's daddy my ex-boyfriend) i thought in my head when she said that- you just want to get in his pants and my ex-boyfriend is a bit to niiice!!!

he a socialpath go figure ALL THAT FAKE CHARM HE PUTS ON WITH EVERY ONE!!! EEERRR!!!

now the foster mom is getting all excited about him in her pants. giggles.

ok now we all know that foster mom is creaming over my way to of a nice guy to good to be true ex-boyfriend...keep in mind that stupid bitch can't have any kids of her own so she wants to steel and kidnap my healthy baby boy and keep him for her self that selfish BITCH!!!

EEEEERRRRRR I HATE HOW THE COURT SYSTEM WORKS!!! no one is in favor of me getting my baby back. even the foster parents wont support me. -_- my own attorney they appointed is crap and now the baby's daddy wont even talk to me or see me inperson and trying to take my baby.

if my ex-boyfriend baby's daddy wins the case to have baby then i hope he lets me have visits and see him but he would have to drive to minnesota to let me see him no way in hell am i stepping foot in wisconsin i don't need to get raped hurt and herrassed by people and the cops again or any one else YIKES!!!



and i know some people would say well get pregnant again and have another one. i'm under reasonable suspicion that the sex offending criminal WI doctors and nurses deliveratly ruined my tubes or something to stop me from getting pregnant gues i've been trying every since i think december 2010 when i was 19 still an it's now 6, 02, 2011 and i still aint pregnant. i have to take another pee test again probably tomorow to check just incase but i daught it. i keep wishing and thinking i'm pregnant but my numb c-section tummy makes it more diffacult to feel pregnancy signs. i still get pregnancy signs all the times about five different ones. the one i am having now is i'm sick but thats was being homeless and not getting enough good food every day and being out in the cold overnight.

i feel a little better becuase i just got off the phone with some one supporting me in sueing the mother fucking river falls RAPE ALLINA HOSPITAL FOR SEXUALLY ABUSING ME AND SEXUALLY ASSAULTING ME WHILE IN LABOR!!! and harming me and my baby!!! and fucking with my signature papers on NO FUCKING BLOODY DLOOD TRANSFUSIONS AND NO GIVING BLOOD!!! i have alot of cases in Wisconsin that how crazy that shitty state is. GAY ASS PLACE TO BE!!!

ok this fast food and being around city people is making me feel weird and icky and unconfertable. i feel like braking that pornography statue of a naked women child and man infront of the allina childrens hospital at allina in St.paul ...temptation is calling me man. teehee baseball bat smash that nasty immoral descusting statue!!! i'll make another complaint on that later. it's nasty!!!

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