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Westmont, Illinois, United States

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AbstractCure May 14, 2011
Sold me a 7 years old game for $59
I bought a game for my little kid at a Microcenter store in Westmont, IL The game title is: Sim City 4 Rush Hour Deluxe for Mac. I looked at the price ($59), looked at the box (nice and shiny), asked the sales person if that is something I could present to my 5 year old kid - no problem he said. So I bought it. It turns out the game is about 7 years old and doesn't even match the resolution of a 3 year old iMac 24". That means everything in the game is kind of stretched to fill the screen. My Intel iMac goes at 1920x1200. I called the store and they wouldn't let me to return the game. Well, on one hand I should have been smarter and do a research beforehand, on the other hand I think I was taken advanatege of, as nobody mentioned that the game was made for a G5 Mac and therefore expects much older hardware. From my experience I must warn you to do a really good research online before you step into a Microcenter store. I don't think the approach they are taking is one of the good business practices.

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