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devildrals August 11, 2010
Poor Service/Sharaf is a Crap
Yes, this is exactly what I have found out about this retail company. As a customer, I prefer to make purchases easier for my side by ordering online. I have successfully done so, however, later on, I have decided to have the newly purchased blackberry exchanged with another item.

I have called up Sharaf DG's customer service twice and called up Customer Service at City Centre to confirm if the product can be exchanged. I want to ensure that I have the accurate information and that the change is acceptable, the reason I have made three calls. I have informed all the three customer service representatives that I have spoken with that I have purchased a product online and that I want it to be exchanged, all have confirmed that this can be done. They just reminded me not to open the product and bring the receipt with me when I go to any Sharaf DG stores, additionally, the new item that will be purchased should be of equal or higher value.

Equipped with this information, I have gone to Sharaf DG City Centre but right then and there, was advised that the exchange can't be done. I felt disappointed, more so frustrated as the Officer-In-Charge was even raising his voice to us. In all fairness to Sharaf DG, they have an Assistant Manager who has kindly spoken with us and explained the mistake of the Customer Service. Still, it is unacceptable that the Customer Service has given me wrong information three times. This is really rubbish.

To cut the story short, I agreed to have the product exchanged online. After several days, I collected the new-sealed phone, only to find out in few minutes when I got to open the package, that there is a crack at the bottom. I immediately called up my contact person and I was asked to go back to Times Square to have it checked. I am staying in Deira so one could imagine the time and effort that I have given, not to forget the heat I have to suffer.

When I got there, I have spoken with two people from Customer Service who without carefully checking the phone, said, that it had fallen that's why there's a crack. It may be hard to believe but I personally would not tell stories or lies and claim that I did not drop it. The truth is and I swear, I did not drop the phone. If the phone has fallen down, then there should be other scratches but there aren't and they did not check the phone carefully before pointing fingers to me telling that it's my fault. It may like be that before the phone has been put in the package, it already has a crack but these CSRs are implying that it was me who dropped the phone.

I have spoken for sometime with the Head of Sales in Times Square and then he promised to have the issue resolved within 3 working days - that I'll get a replacement phone in 3 days but after more than three days, with no call or update from their side, I still haven't got the product back. I already paid for a phone that I haven't even used even for a single call and a phone that is not in my hands.

This is my personal experience with Sharaf, I do not know what's yours but after this, I have resolved never to buy from Sharaf DG again. The will is still in your hands; you just have a think first and remember this story before going to this retail store. At the end of the day, you will believe what you want to believe. All I can say is that this is for me to know, would you still like to find out???
uaeshopper February 9, 2010
Find it here or claim it Free Lie
So much for Sharaf DG's brand promise of "Find it here or claim it Free!". What a lie. I went in to buy a tv and was informed that the item isn't available in store, however, if I fill in a form, they will have it available within 24 hours or I'll get it for free. So, I filled in the form and 24 hours later, still no tv. Instead, I got a salesperson phoning me up to say that the item is at the port and will be available at the shop the next day, i.e. 24 hours extra to what they originally promised (a total of 48 hours). When I phoned the next day, they said the item is on its way to the shop, still not in store yet! But when I claimed the Sharaf DG promise that I could have the item for free since it's obviously not in the store within the first 24 hours as promised (or even 48 hours!), the salesperson started weaseling out of their promise by saying that:
a) the item is 'available', just not in the store and
b) that by phoning me up within the first 24 hours to let me know that the item isn't in the store, but will be reaching the store a day later,
they have fulfilled their brand promise!

Basically, as far as Sharaf DG is concerned, the definition that an item is "available" is to inform you that the item is somewhere out there, is on its way, but not in the store yet and I just have to wait before I can actually get it.

How far will Sharaf DG go to get out of fulfilling their promise??

So, if you're thinking of shopping at Sharaf DG because of their celebrated brand promise "Find it here or claim it Free!", forget it. It's just a marketing ploy to reel you in!

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