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Unhappy_Graz May 22, 2011
Service-Defamation & Rudeness
Rose Pharmacy Ayala personnel are abhorring. Their cashier has no common sense their so-called CI is very rude and wrongly accused me of shoplifting.
I went there yesterday and bought myself a feminine wash (Na-flora) feminine wash. While paying for the item, I went to get bottled water at their fridge, I even asked the cashier how much it was and she told me "9.50php..."... and I said in Bisaya "ah sige apili nalang" -- at that point I didn't know if she heard it or not... So I took the bottled water and took my change from the cashier. I was not able to check the receipt and change and already expected for the cashier to have included it. I took the change in good faith thinking the cashier already included it. I'm pretty sure she saw me with the bottled water when I took the change and should have told me right away while I was at the counter area that it was not included with the first item. She should have called my attention right away but instead allowed me to walk outside the door. I even stayed right outside the pharmacy's door while drinking the bottled water and once I emptied it, I threw it away in the trashcan. I was just walking away when a CI called my attention and told me that the bottled water was not paid for, I was surprised because I thought the cashier included it. First, the cashier should have told me while getting the change that the bottled water was not included when she punched in the first item I bought, she never did that. Second, the fact that I stayed just right outside the door drinking water and I bought a more expensive item that I paid for means that I have NO intention of shoplifting. Third, why would I shop lift a freaking bottled water worth 9.50. When the CI called my attention I very calmly asked the cashier "Ayy... wala diay ni na apil Miss?" then I calmly took 10.00 php out of my pocket and then the CI told me to go with him to pay for it in a different cashier and asked me to write a promissory note "Pag suwat ug promissory note na dili na nimo usbon nga manguha ka...!" -- pak -- that's very embarrassing. I put in the promissory note told me instead "Awww manawag nalang ta ug security ani!"... I told him "I can just simply pay for this, nganong maabot pa man ta ug ingon ani?" and he replied "Ahh dili, mao gyud nay mga diskarte! Suwat lang diha!" I got tired of arguing with him and I was really in a hurry at that time because I still had to go to work, so I wrote in their promissory note and apologized that I was not able to pay. I never wrote what he told me which is to promise that I should not do the same again, which is to shop lift. Hello??? Why should I write something there that I did not do. He also told me these things when I explained to him what happened "Mao gyud na ang modos! mag limot2x.. diskarte na...!" I have congestive heart failure and high blood pressure, they could have killed me with that. What he did was defamation... pushing the fact that I was really shoplifting.. raising voice and almost yelling at me with many shoppers listening to our conversation... It was very embarassing! He even wrote in his incident report towards the end -- "That's qualified for shoplifting!" The nerve... their manager is worse bec. she did not even try hear my side of the story. They are very one-sided. This is unacceptable.. This is considered considered defamation and I will not hesitate to sue them for this. They never even investigated what happened properly nor the manager asked for details about what happened. They even let me pay 10x the price of the freakin' bottled water. Now who is stealing? They're the ones who is stealing from me... Just imagine they let me pay the item 10 times its original price when I did not do anything wrong and their cashier just forgot to scan it! Mas grabeh pa sa 5/6! Grrr... I understand that it is also an honest mistake on my part for not checking the receipt, and yet they accuse you of shoplifting without properly investigating. I think nag pa-papel ra ang CI para naa siya'y report for that day... tsk tsk. It is not a good practice at all. Tsk tsk. They should learn how to handle their customers with tact. A friend of mine experienced the same before but that was with a different establishment when the cashier forgot to scan an item yet it was included in the grocery bag, she was treated well, they just let her pay for the item and it’s done. Rose Pharmacy should give their employees more training and investigate first before accusing someone of something.

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