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Mr Lam January 27, 2011
Absoultely ridiculas customer service representative
This happened on 26th Jan, 2011.

I bought the product (rice cooker HD4751) on 21st May, 2010. But the battery for the display had already runs out, is that suppose so short battery life that philips put into their product? I undrstand that the warranty is valid for 2 years. But for my case, only 8 mths that I need to bring the item to philips' destinatied service centre for a battery replacement by myself in person???

I found that this is absolutely ridiculas!!! A brand new product that i bought from "Jusco" which i suppose this shop is an official dealer of your company's product, it turns out need me to bring along the rice cooker to your company's destinated service centre for a battery replacemeTont within just 8 mths???? Look, it is not a mp3 player, is a 1Litre capacity rice cooker!!!

Any of philips representatives could tell me that I bought at Jusco which is not the official dealer of their company's product? Or I shouldn't bought philips item from Jusco in the first place to avoid such kind of situation? OR WHICH OFFICIAL DEALER SHOULD i BOUGHT FROM IN ORDER TO AVOID SUCH CASES?

This happened on 26th Jan, 2011.
The customer service representative from Philips HK (Mr. Ken Yip; directline: 2945 5610), called me & provide the solution is either the customer go to their destinated service centre with the faulty product in person or they can send courier to collect & return the product to me but need me to compensate all the courier cost. Then I asked how much would be the courier cost, his replied is needed to check & revert since it will depends. And I asked for another customer representative that I can speak with, he told me that the manager (Ms. Tiffany Chan) was out for meeting & he is the highest authority person in-charge at that moment, he refused to transfer me to speak with any other customer service representatives. I found that this is non-sense & ridiculas. After about 5mins non-sense coversation with ( blah..couldn't...), I couldn't hold my temper & start speak with some rough language, then he hang-up my call.

After he hang up my call, i tried to call the direct number (2945 5610) that Mr. Ken Yip provided to me, the first time is no one pick-up for about 30 seconds ringing time, the 2nd call i tried, the result was I heard someone picked up the receiver then hang up with incredibly strong force, same result for the 3rd call.

Then I tried the general line (2945 5601), the 1st call & the 2nd call were have the same result. Finally someone pick up the call & start talking, I explained my case & I request for another customer service representative (from the voice, I doubt that this is Mr. Ken YIP). I asked him what is his name, he told me that his name was Mr. Wong. After a few minutes, he passed me another customer service representative (Ms. Liu). She had recorded down my case, & she asked me to fax the invoice receipt to her & she will follow-up with my case & revert to me asap.

27th Jan, 2011
I received a call from the Philips customer service manager (Ms Tiffany Chan), she explained to me that for the rice cooker case, customer had to at least compensate for 50% of the courier cost, this is the best offer Philips customer service can provided. Then I asked how much for the courier cost, her reply was HK$90 per trip, total as HK$180 for collect & return the item. According to the figures, the customer has to compensate with HK$90.

I told her that this is not an acceptable solution for my case. Her reply was this was the best offer from them. After a few conversations, she told me the best offer was at least the customer to pay for HK$50 in order to make the things done. My reply was I will take this offer in mind & wait until Ms Liu give me the latest updates from their company.

Then I asked how about the case with the hang-up call cases, I really found that it is non-sense customer service (that Mr. Ken YIP) provided which I had been gone through. Her reply was they will listen back to those phone conversation records & do some internal investigation. I requested for a revert on the investigation result, she refused to give me any reply on that. I doubt that the bad attitude issue will then been covered up. It will never had the truth.

I really wish that Philips, please reviewed the customer service standard, it is totally disappointed your valued customerssss.

Mr. Lam

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