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Nickelodeon123 June 10, 2011
Old nickelodeon shows hardly come on nicktoons anymore
I watched nickelodeon and nickelodeon sucks now. When I saw nicktoons, I saw old nickelodeon shows were hardly coming on in the day time. It only shows it in the NIGHT TIME!!! It hardly shows old nickelodeon shows in the daytime, and often shows it in the middle of the night. WTF? I don't see hey arnold, doug, or wild thornberrys in nicktoons anymore. The only things I only see on nicktoons when they come on in the middle of the night is rugrats, catdog, and rocket power. I like those shows I put too. But, nickelodeon should not only put rugrats, catdog, and rocket power, they should also put doug, hey arnold, and wild thornberrys, and better yet, put rugrats, catdog, and rocket power, along with doug, hey arnold, and wild thornberrys, in the daytime instead of middle of the night!

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