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TheFlyingScotsman June 9, 2011
See Through Bacon!
Recently visited Mcdonalds in Cahors, the Lot, Midi Pyrenees, France . Put in order for one Bacon 'Royale' (Well it is France! & they like to change names!) Bacon Royale arrived immediately (almost), No complaint there BUT on 'inspection' discovered something I have never come across before...See Through MINATURE! Is this the 'norm' in France? Honestly you could actually see through these two minature 'rashers' (Ha!) of Bacon. They'd be as well leaving it out all together. What a cheek & I'm certain that under the 'Trades Descriptions Act' there must be something to say that if advertised then it MUST be to a certain size & thickness. You couldn't even taste it, it was so thin & withered! Worrying considering the photograph, which made me decide to order this meal showed a lovely juicy 'thick' piece of what could be mistaken for class leader 'Danish' bacon. Please, if I'm alone and this is just a one off instance let me know because it would sure put me off ordering this meal, or indeed ANY Mcdonalds meal in the future. I did come home a few hours later and make myself a lovely, delicious Bacon Sarny (sandwich) just to reinstate my belief in Bacon Kind! Aahhh D a n i s s s s h h h h h! (p.s. It Was YUMMEEEE!)

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