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Watrick June 11, 2010
Mattex General Trading LLC, Confessions of a Dangerous Nozhan Company
Mattex General Trading LLC was one of the many brain children of Khalil Nasr Esfahani of the famous Nozhan group Iran. Though we proclaimed we have several offices for this particular company, Mattex General Trading LLC, in Germany, we really did not have any idea what would we say if someone asks for office addresses in Germany.

We had the coolest job in the world. We would be comfortably seated, the music would be on and we have had a supply of Suleimani. We know we have got to think of some good company names but everyone would be hoping that today is not their turn to be the genius. So we would just sit, share a holiday story or a dirty joke and wait. That made our day.

In fact Mattex General Trading LLC was one of the front runners Nozhan group ever had and it helped us earn loads of US dollars. No first timers ever hesitated to deal with Mattex General Trading LLC. In case if we were using a different company name for various reasons, we made sure that we communicated with the potential buyers using email ids.

Now, one company, who has been duped by us, we sent them poor quality Paraffin wax after taking full and advance payment for 1st & 2nd consignments respectively, is making some noise on and around the web. You can see it for yourself here at &

And it has now become little difficult for Nozhan group to operate online using our usual company names because of those party spoilers. After this campaign against Nozhan group, Khalil Nasr Esfahani has asked us to pull up our socks.

Prepare to pay the price, that is what we have been telling each other at Mattex General Trading LLC when Khalil Nasr Esfahani was not around. Because we knew excessive use of the name Mattex General Trading LLC for duping unsuspecting companies would land us in something like this.

But we just do not care. Because each and every one of us knows the two basics of surviving:

1. Company names will come sooner or later when you have nothing to do apart from collecting the payments from buyers and sending some low quality product, if you have.

2. The last clean cup in the Mattex General Trading LLC kitchen belongs to Khalil Nasr Esfahani.

After reading all these you would be keen to feel Nozhan team creative brilliance, especially of Khalil Nasr Esfahani. Do not worry; we will share some of our company names, websites and contact details here.

Company names we have been using very often:

Nozhan Trading Company / Nozhan Trading Company ltd.
Nozhan Eghtesad Company / Nozhan Company.
Nozhan Polymer Co / Nozhan Polymer Company.

Nozhan Polymer / Nozhan Polymer Spadana.

Matexgroup / Mattex Petrochemical Group.
Mattex General Trading Co. (LLC) / Alma Investment LLC.
Khalil Nasr International Trading Company.
Jey Refiner Company / Nozhan Eghtesad / Nozhan Polymer Group.
Sadaf Kooh Co / Alma Group LLC / Nozhan Poly

Websites we have:,,,,, .

Contact names we used:

Javad esmaeli / Javad Esmaeili / S.J. Esmailian, Ms. Elahe R
Khalil Nasr / Khalil Khalil / Nasr / Khalil Nasr Esfahani / KhalilNasr Esfahani.
Ms. Raheleh Zarei / Susan Jafari / Mr. Fariba Sadri / Ms. Annahita Bajool.
Mr. Nasim Salehi / Ms. Nasim Salehi / Ms. Salehi, Mr. Amin Sheyvani.

Email ids we presently use: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Yahoo id:, MSN id: KhalilNasr_Trading, Skype: nozhaneghtesad.

Our supposed to be office addresses & contact numbers:

Unit 3, second floor, Reza trade center, Mir overpass bridge, Isfahan, Iran, 81858. Tel: 0098 311 6641641-2, 6641675, 6641676, Mobile Phone: +989132255184, 0098 913 133 3086, 00989132293816, Fax: 98 311 6641676, 00983116641675.

Factory: 3rd Blvd, Razi Industrial area, Isfahan, Iran. Zip code: 8164783611.

No. 18, 17 Shahrivar Alley, West Mirza Tahere Street, Mehrabad, Isfahan, Iran, Postcode: 81858. Tel: +98 311 - 2601762, 00983117715784, Mobile Phone: 98-9131099598, Fax: 98-311-2604067, Telefax: 00983117721765.

No 40, Mehrabad Blbg. 2nd Moshtagh Ave, Esfahan, Iran, Zip 81465- 1531, Telephone: 98-913-3697317, +98-311-2612950, Mobile Phone: 0989131063607, 98-913-301123, Tele fax: 98-913-1063607, +98 311 2604067, 00983112614001.

3, 01 floor, Arabift tower, Baniyas road, Deira Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Zip: 181030. Telephone: 971-4-2296658, Mobile Phone: 00989131099597 Fax: 971-4-2285574.

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