Magic Microphone MK6 & KOD 100

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Magic Microphone MK6 & KOD 100 Reviews

SimLimRipOff June 7, 2011
Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Overcharging, Intimidation
Looking for a home Karaoke system for wife's B-day present and was fraudulantly sold a Chinese made product represented as Korean at double the market value ($650 vs $300 SGD). When the truth was discovered I attempted to return the product for a refund or trade in to a quality sytem worth the original payment. They offered me another Chinese product from same manufacturer (Unify)again saying it was from Korea at 4 times the market price. When confronted a second time they became aggressive and belligerent (swearing and charging me after I returned rude comments) and kicked me out of the shop...DO NOT SHOP THERE FOR PROTECTION OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY AND SAFETY

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She is a sick ,sick individual!!!! CON-ARTIST SCAM BIATCH!
thanks for sharing
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