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Devraj Kalwani July 15, 2011
Worst Employer in the World
If you would like to work for world's worst company then please try to get a job in Lals Group, Dubai. Let me tell you something about this company. The owner of this company Mr. Lal Ganwani initially made money from building the well known landmark the Lamcy Plaza. It was burnt by him to claim huge insurance and with that claims the Lals Group started growing in UAE. He is a well known play boy and his partners are rewarded with top positions in company, given shops in his malls. The best example is his VP Personnel Miss ever Hannah Mirchandani who was running a massage and beauty parlour in India gave an excellent service to Mr. Lal during his visit to India once and got this position. The company doesn't have any policy but when an employee asks for any favours they will deny it saying it is company policy which no one knows what? Most of the Managers and Senior Managers are well known useless fellow. And by mistake any good person joins this company he won't stay there for long. When they do this the company punishes them by imposing 1 Year Labour Ban. The company doesnot provide free medical insurance as they boast. Once the employee joins the company they will ask money for his medical insurance. The passports are captured as soon as you land in UAE Airport by one of the company drivers who comes to pick you up and will be handed over at the airport while leaving. In general you will be a bonded labour in this company. The other worst thing about the company is there is no life insurance for employees according to unwritten company policy but every employee is insured by the company and in case of accident or death all the money goes to the employer as how they made money intially from the Lamcy Plaza. So you die to benefit the company. The company never gives NOC to anyone as they don't want any of its employee to grow or get better in life. Overall the Lals Group dubai can be termed as "Hell".

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