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Chinosbaby32 March 27, 2011
No item NO refund
I ordered a Iphone 3 case Feb. 21st and full pyment taken from my account the next day! 101.36 for a swarovski crystal case. The site looked reputable so I ordered and as of today tracked it to hear, Its on the way, Its reached its destination and now over a month later and 3 emails to them that the item has been returned to sender! :( I am so frustrated and sent them this new email.!
I placed this order on the 21st of February. I hve waited and trackd this order for a month... It said that I would get it within a week, then it said that It reached the United States and I should have it soon, NOW it says the item was returned to sender!!! I don't know what kind of irreputable organization you are running but if your goal is to cheat people out of money and make them cry and upset then you have accomplished this! You have my money of $101.36 and I want a full refund ASAP! Or I will be seeking FULL LEGAL ACTION! I come from a family of well known attourneys who are aware of this ring of lies on your website! This will not go unanswered! I want a full refund ASAP!
I no longer wish to asscociate with your company to even wait another month for you to try to aleeviate this matter other then just reimburse my 101.36 ASAP Thank you!
Now I want to see my money back and I have no clue if this company will do so!
I have no desire to further deal with this place! I would advise anyone to be careful and stay away!
I will be seeking leagal action if my money is not in my account by Tuesday morning 3/29/2011!

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