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celiaa June 1, 2011
Rude and Unprofessional Staffs
Went to this centre after seeing it on Deal.com.sg with a friend.
The first impression should had allowed us to know that this place is going to be dingy.
We did not enter via the main entrance as the "receptionist" told us to walk up the stairs via the back door.
Upon walking up the stairs, we saw a guy pacing up and down, looking pretty agitated, muttering to himself.
Freak out point Number 1.

Walked into the "reception area" which is actually just the size of a closet and filled out some application forms.
Been brought to a room each (separated from my friend) and the room was initially air-conditioned, which was a good thing.
However, after I am done changing into the robe given by the masseur, she came in and turned off the air-conditioner. I asked her why, she answered because she is cold. I told her I was pretty warm after walking a long distance to reach this place and she just ignored me.
After a few seconds, she replied and said that I am warm because something in my body is screwed up and only she can heal me. Started introducing me lots of packages. Freak out point Number 2.

Initially I declined politely, stating that I have other packages elsewhere and I am only here to accompany my friend. She got slightly agitated and started saying that they are the best around the area, and they do many things as well. Soon, she started prodding my face and said that I look simply horrible and I need their help right now to heal my face. (No. I do not suffer from acne problem or anything like this.)

She started asking me regarding my work and my family and initially I thought that was being friendly thus I replied her questions. Soon, she started asking very personal details such as how much am I earning, and how much does my bag and the jewelries I had. When I got really uncomfortable, and started to "fake sleep", she yanked me by my shoulder and ask "ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME??" and refused to allow me a break. Freak out point Number 3.

Really pushy in selling her packages and I was equally insistent in not purchasing them after seeing the way she does her promoting.
When I started rejecting her once again, she started saying things like "YA. IF YOU ARE POOR YOU BETTER DONT ACT RICH" and "I KNOW, YOU DONT HAVE MONEY AND YOU ARE POOR" and starting insulting me and my friend.

Wasn't professional in her massaging skill as well. It felt as if she was just touching me all over and was more interested in promoting her products. At the end of the whole event, we sat down at the "reception room" again and she threw her trumph card and said "So do you want our package? If you two don't have money, then you can share one package, we don't mind" and "If you don't buy our package, we will be fired from our jobs. Do you want to cause our families to starve because of your selfishness???" Freak out Point Number 4

Really bad service and attitude.
They didn't even bother to walk us to the door and simply just said "Door is there LAH.".
Very bad.
Please do not go to this company ever again!

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