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Rochester, New York, United States


Mad14621 June 22, 2011
To whom it may concern:
My mother recently passed away and I've been helping my father with his affairs. During the course of reviewing the mortgages I noticed that my parents HSBC balance was still around $16, 000. My parents purchased the home in Sept.1992 the loan had the following details.
Original Principle Balance-$50, 343 at 8.5% over 360 months (30 years). So the loan was to be paid off in 2022, they also collect escrow for taxes and insurance. All payments from beginning have been made via ACH automatic payments first missed payment was June 2011. In 1998 my father began making extra $100 monthly principle payments and the balance is still $16, 000. If I am correct the mortgage should have been paid off between 2007 and 2010. For an example the statement for 01/20/2004 has $281.79 going to interest and $105.30 going to the principle with the extra payment $205.30 going to the principle.?????? By this time we had been in the home almost 12 years and paying extra principle payments of $100/month for close to 6 years. We we just notified that HSBC transferred the mortgage to HSBC Bank which it plans on closing in NYS. There is a second loan with HFC all of the information provided regarding the loan is false, age, employment, income, phone number, credit life-The credit life is actually how I started looking into the mortgages, they inflated the income and decreased my fathers age amongst other things to force sell joint credit life and the approval of the loan. They collected a few payments for credit in an amount other than the one disclosed in the provided closing documents and just stopped for no reason. They said they stopped for non payment but as required they did not notify us in writing and I made the payment myself in the amount of $1, 400 and it left a surplus of unapplied funds over $200; they were collecting $26.74/month for the joint policy. HFC and HSBC have not responded to our detailed QWR outlining our issues and the information needed to resolve such. There is also a third loan serviced by CitiFinancial that is in dispute. They collected ACH payments on my parents joint account for 3 months after my mother passed and have yet to return the funds although the debt is in my mothers name alone and my parents aren't married and my father has no legal obligation to pay the debt. Also writing did provide some information requested in the QWR and I noticed it said my mother was like 81 years old my mother was born 09/11/1958, they also stated that they gave my father the right to cancel as his "signature" appears on the notice but it doesn't look like his hand writing and why have him sign a right to cancel as it was her sole debt, they stated that they gave a check for over $1900 she did not receive, they added over $1900 onto the principle for insurance options which the documents provided shows that declined and was not aware of the purchase, the date provided on the right to cancel as the signing date for my father is the same date that funds were dispersed to my mothers creditors and my father did not benefit from the funds. Truthfully, the information is so messed up that I'm not sure who originated these loans, before the loan is closed you are required to show identification and income, there is a form in citifinacial records that stated they ran a credit check but I'm not sure they did because the information provided was so wrong, and there is another woman with the same name in Rochester, NY. I used to go to St. Andrews catholic school with her daughter and for awhile I had to eat cold lunches because they mixed my mothers account up with hers and my mother paid for my lunch in advance so that I could eat hot lunch it was included in the tuition cost and the other child was packed her lunch. The school reimbursed my mother and apologized. Citifinancial also sent us a letter stating that our loans will be serviced by another provider beginning the 30th of June 2011. The organizations that are here to help seem to be working against us. They told us to forget pursuing the wrong that was done and just continue to pay or let the house go and move on. I truly believe that something fishy is going on in NYS and it has something to do with Monroe County and NYS Politics. I have the HUD state ment that shows irregularities when compared against the loan offer made by the lender. My parents paid over several hundred thousand, and HSBC sets the mortgage back about every 4 years, that sounds like Yield Spread Kickbacks. They are also applying less than the $100/month and I was told by an organization that was designed to help fight predatory lending and to let the house go, because my dad and I couldn't afford it. There's a reason why we can't afford it; they Monroe County and NYS polititions who are getting rich of our misery by allowing these scum bags to operate and probably own some of those HSBC accounts that weren't disclosed when the IRS went to the DOJ for that John Doe warrant, but I got some names and law firms for you found right on the HUD 1A, one of the law firms specializes in wealth preservation, when someone dies and has allot of debt they help the estate with the mortgages???. For a second opinion I got a free consultation provided the attorney with the same documents and info and he said my father owns the house free and clear and should pursue legal action against the lenders.


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