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Kamilla Sarsenova July 4, 2011
I have subscribed to Home Website Center and I havent seen a dime from what was promissed to me.
I do not wish to further continue "working" with this website as it is a complete and total scam.
I am just looking for some help to unsubscribe and get my money back if it possible.
Any help is good.

Thank you very much
rosegeorgia0911 May 16, 2011
I am not happy with the this and am requesting a full refund.
cilva April 15, 2011
Not able to work with the product -need refund
Purchased the Home Website Center from Dotcom Internet Marketing
Home Online Jobs : Home Online Jobs
Item no: 261
hash: 5ba894b988917ef99308fa0d79769596|261$49.95 USD1$49.95 USD
Receipt No: 4840-4690-1820-6493
I would like a refund of that amount as thers was no income possible as it was stated by them. Hence I did not want to participate in this so called work from home and I was told there was a 60 day money back program and I want my money back now. For every step they asking us to pay . For example, like for better income upgrade PRO version, to get traffic Buy this package etc., This is a scam all they want us to keep spending more money and you get nothing for it. I am not satisfied with this product. Do refund my money.
kevinstill13th March 17, 2011
Home Website Center is a scam!!! i want the 49.95 that they scammed me for... they said that i can make money with these websites but i have been waiting patiently for nothing, because that is all i have received... nothing... i want my money back
rayofsunshine1318 March 11, 2011
I am writing this complaint as a way of letting others know that there is a way to fight back!! Well at least it worked for me. I purchased Home Website Center's Automated Profit Package two days ago. Only after spending over $200 did I do some background investigating because something didn't sit right with me and I found this complaints board.

I suddenly realised I'd been conned and that this was not a secure site. I immediately went onto my PayPal account and lodged a complaint by going to the resolution section. I said that the site was not secure which means that was going against what it described itself as. Therefore I could put it under the category of "goods wrongly described" and I had to do this three times as I'd purchased three different things through them through PayPal.

I then went onto ClickBank, found my order numbers in my emails and entered the order numbers then clicked on support. I had to go to 'other' at the bottom of the drop down list and then it came up with 'refund'. I had to lodge two separate refund requests with the same explanation "goods wrongly described"

I found the email address of the seller through PayPal and ClickBank (which was under my order numbers) and sent an email to that address as well as the support center from Home Website Pro. I explained that the site was not secure, I wanted a full refund and I was not satisfied with the product.

I received 5 emails today. 3 from PayPal and 2 from ClickBank saying all my money has been refunded and the dispute cases have been closed. I should see the money in my account in 5 days. I am well within the 60 days money back period so if the money does not appear in my account I will be ringing PayPal (there is a number in the contact us section) and I will be re-opening a dispute with ClickBank.

I also received an email from support (which I see is automated) saying I would be contacted shortly but lo and behold!! I also had an email from the address of the seller saying I would get a refund and my account is going to be cancelled (but not before it begged me to reconsider and that it could see me making money in a few weeks, blah blah blah) yeah, a few weeks after the 60 day money back period so I couldn't be entitled to a refund by then!!!

I am now taking on an online business through my local town of selling make-up. But I can also hold parties etc and I get an ABN, a group certificate to use for my tax and can ring up and TALK TO my boss and other workers. Much more trustworthy.

Anyway, here is a ray of hope for all of those sucked in by this, we all make silly mistakes. I hope that this helps someone
Francesco Giunta February 2, 2011
It is a SCAM

I have purchased the "services" of the site and only a few days ago I realise that is a scam so I would like my money back. Please.
The total amount is $ 102.80.
I hope that you are going to reply and send my money back because they don't answer to any email directly.
I will attach here the proofs of the payments I made.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

vision8nets January 13, 2011
My access to Home Website Center was blocked
My access to Home Website Center was blocked

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