Hamad S. Al Hassani Towers(Sedar Blding)

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United Arab Emirates

Hamad S. Al Hassani Towers(Sedar Blding) Reviews

Greg S5601 June 22, 2010
Rental deposit not returned
I am an American that worked in Abu Dhabi for one year. I rented an apt thru Demar property Management LLC in the Al Hassani Towers(Sedar Blding) in the Tourist Club Area. At the end of my apartment rental lease, all inspections and required water and elect shutdowns were complied with without any problems, but when it came time to get my 15, 000DH rental deposit back, the Manager Yahah was no where to be found---It has been a year and half and after numerous promises, still no check. I need to find the UAE Govt agency that handles renter complaints.

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