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Frogigit June 27, 2011
Refrigerator Failing
I got my GE Refrigerator in Nov 2006 with the purchase of my new home. I also have a GE Dishwasher, Stove and Microwave. Within the first month of moving into my home I called GE service for warranty repair on my Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Stove and Microwave. I will concentrate on the Refrigerator since this is the main issue that I suffer with the most. I complained of the Refrigerator making a very loud noise and not cooling correctly. I was told that this is normal and nothing was done. Within the following year the problem persisted but felt there was no recourse because of what I was told from the first service call. Then about a year ago my trouble started again. The Water and Ice dispenser on the door quit working would make a noise and the light would come on but dim. Then a few months later the Refrig side started dropping temp and wouldn't stay cool and the freezer seemed to be fine. We unplugged and cleaned the coils thinking that it was what was wrong. It started working again we thought but it was only short lived. The refrig side still didn't seem to be keeping the correct temperature so we turned up and then everything started freezing on the refrig side. So turned back down to 6 from 7 and went back to not cooling correctly. Started doing some research and found out that GE had problems with the main board in these Refrigerators plus other problems also. I decided to try the board and found one for 130.00 at a local Appliance Parts Store and replaced. It has been 2 day's and things seem to be ok. But, I don't know if the freezer has gone through a defrost cycle?? From what I have read this can become an issue and also the thermistors and thermostat could have problems also. I took the cover off of the freezer coils to look at them and when doing so found a melted spot on the bottom of the molding. This is really close to the defroster. Now I don't know if I have a bigger problem? I have read where some of these refrigerators have caused fires?? I wish that GE would step up and take responsibility for these issues. I can't afford to go out and buy a new refrigerator couldn't afford the part had to borrow money to do this repair. I hope that this wasn't a mistake. GE PLEASE STAND BEHIND YOUR WORD THAT YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT!!!

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