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RobertJYoung June 24, 2011
stealing my money
I went into Fry's a month ago with a friend to buy components for a computer. I put my limit at one thousand dollars and hit a couple hundred under that. When We got back and started putting everything together it was all going smooth until we started running programs and then it started crashing consistently and was having a bunch of other issues. I could not even run the internet without it crashing on me. When we later went to return the processor, motherboard, graphic card and the ram everything was going fine until they looked at the graphic card and then took it into the back room without saying anything. After several minutes they came back and said they could not replace the graphic card because the S/N on the outside of the box did not match the one on the card itself. Mind you I bought these products brand new and the boxes that hold the cards only have tape over the edge, no cellophane or anything. We started asking them about it and why they could not return it and they said because it does not match. 3 managers later we asked "so somebody could have switched out a faulty card for a new one and that could be what happened here?" and they responded by not saying anything to us. Just looking at us blank faced. Then the proceeded on blaming the manufacturer and saying it was not something they could deal with or help us with and that we were pretty much out of luck. There was no option for us to do but talk to the manufacturer and see what happens there. So then after going back home and rebuilding the computer we are still now not getting it to work. I have spent now over a thousand dollars (since I had to buy a different processor because they did not have any of the one I first bought left) and I have a computer that is just sitting here not able to work and Fry's is anything but willing to help me out. This was the first time I have ever shopped at Fry's and I guarantee that it will be the very last time I ever do unless something happens and or changes. I am not sure how a company can just take your money when the things you buy from them are not working. AND THEY DO NOT CARE AT ALL. I would never spend a lot of money there cause who knows what you are getting. It might not even be the right product. Might I add that my copy of windows 7 didn't come with the same S/N on the outside as on the inside. I have several friends and family members that are electrical engineers and or deal with computers and they could not believe the service that was received and are doubtful about ever shopping there for anything expensive or at all. I hope you all have better luck than me but I wouldn't push it with them. As far as rating goes, if I could take away stars that's the rating I would give them. Way to steal my money Fry's!!!

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