Frozen "Hot" Chocolate drink

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66th St. & First Ave., NYC, New York, New York, United States

Frozen "Hot" Chocolate drink Reviews

Gina Dodds June 9, 2011
Lack of availability
Donkun Donuts Co. advertised "Frozen Hot Chocolate" drink and even provided coupons for customers to get a small size free to try it. I visited 4 stores in the NYC area where I work, with the coupon, courious to try it, since I am a Donkun Donuts customer; however, NONE HAD IT IN STOCK. I wonder who in the Marketing Dept. of that company came up with the idea for this product but never bothered to be sure to stock it, especially, after providing coupons in so many newspapers and magazines. To visit 4 stores in a big city like New York, and none of them have it is certainly mystifying. It makes you wonder if they even bother to train their personnel about stocking!
Gina Dodds, Bayside, New York - PS: I also tried to get the above-mentioned product in the town where I live; however, they "didn't have it in stock."

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