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epsonisawful255 July 4, 2011
faulty printer
I purchased an epson stylus NX400 series about two years ago. During the two years that I've owned it I felt like I was constantly purchasing ink and it is not cheap, not to mention to frustration when you have a full cartridge of black ink and you can't even print in b&w. The last straw was when I put brand new ink in, printer would not print. I ran head and nozzle cleaning, checking after each time it still wouldn't print. I repeated this 4 times with no luck, just to have the printer tell me it is now out of ink. I called epson and got some guy I could hardly understand. He told me I needed to replace ink, DUH I get that it's out of ink but I want to now why it ran out of ink without even printing a single document. He says go buy ink and call back. YES good idea let me spend another 50 dollars not print a single document and have it tell me it is out of ink, I told him I'm not buying more ink just to have this printer waste it again. I might as well have been talking to a recording, it was like he was reading off a manual for what to do in a printer problem, he did not answer any question I had. This printer must be designed to just waste copious amounts of ink so you have to buy more. The funny thing is I have a very old epson that sat in the basement for 2 years time that I had this one I brought it back up when this one wouldn't work and what do you know the printer that sat unused with the same leftover 2 year old ink worked with out having to clean the nozzles or heads or change the ink! I believe epson is now out to scam people and they have changed their products for the worse. Google epson complaints and it's unbelievable the amount of people that have had problems with these products. I will never buy another epson product especially because they have no complaint department and you can't get anyone on the phone that doesn't give you prerecorded sounding answers.

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