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alphaCentaur February 16, 2011
Rude Security and Immigration Staff
The security and immigration staff (specially the Arabs) at Dubai Airport are extremely impolite and arrogant. I understand that they have to run their security checks, but they can be polite in the way they talk. It took me 2.5 hours to get through the "Eye Scanning", and while we were standing in the queue, the security staff even shouted at some people for not standing properly in the line (is this a military parade going on?)

I would request and recommend every one to avoid Dubai airport at all costs.
travellightly December 27, 2010
I wish to bring to your attention that the the staff at the Dubai International Airport are very impolite. They don't answer questions they just dismiss you. If you attempt to ask for the Second time, they get annoyed. I cannot understand why these people are even employed if they cant even assist a Passenger.

I also feel that the eye scanning for business class passengers must be done in separate line in a more convenient way. Currently all business class passengers also have to stand in a very long queue with everyone.
What was most alarming was how I was sent back from business class immigration express checkout line even though I had ticket to prove. The minder of queue was so rude he told me not to talk to much and to stand in last corner as I didn't Look Like A Business Class passenger. I honestly felt very hurt and intimidated. All I tried to tell him was that I was indeed a business class passenger.
This is almost the third time I experienced the staff being very rude and they give one word answers. It would be nice if some compassion and courtesy is shown to visitors who are looking forward to spending time and money in Dubai. Judging tourists by face or wealth is not correct. I cancelled my trip and returned back to my country as I honestly felt ashamed after the way I was spoken to. Many Air ports around the world are trying to reach up to tourists and look after their needs but I see no improvement in Dubai.

People don't have to speak perfect English but if they can smile, show some interest then it will go a long way. The saddest part is everyone tells me no point in complaining as they won't care. I hope you will look into this matter and try to improve the way the Dubai Airport staff handle people.

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