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The Event Orgniser, Dubai January 4, 2011
Event Hi Jacking
As an event organizer living & working in Dubai, I have been associated with hundreds of hotels in UAE, and have dealt with many big & small hotels over here, but the experience with Dhow Palace Hotel & the behaviour of their Banquet Manager has actually woken all my senses up. Would like to share it with others as well.
In Nov's last week, I was looking for a decent venue to arrange a New Year Party 2011 for over 200 packs. I reached this hotel, saw their ball room, liked it, booked it for my event, discussed my event's entire, food menu, charges, and asked for all details. Since the booking, i made "several trips" to this hotel, to discuss and explore every possible detail.
I constantly asked them to 'make the contract' and send me via email, in order to have "the written proof" of whatever hotel has been agreeing to provide me till date for this event.
Despite of my "several telephone reminders" The Banquet manager Mr. Aditya took no notice of that, His only reply i heard for many weeks was "Dont worry mam, the ballroom is yours, and contract is not a problem, it will be done in no time" But I received no news from them after this.
One week later, I phoned & told him "Mr. Aditya, we are entering December now, and I will be now acquiring permissions for my event, and will also be starting the marketing for it". Where is the contract?
He replied, , "pls go ahead & do it" Its all set from our side. Will send u the contract via email soon.
I received the legal approval for this event, started marketing, and sold many tickets to people in town.
before 8 days of the event, I phoned & requested the hotel to let me know whats happening about the contract, and when can i come to make the full payment for this event?
the Banquet manager Mr. Aditya replied "Payment of what? Mam you dont have the ballroom, we have another party happening in it on 31st Dec"
Shocked to death, I asked him to explain HOW can they give the venue to someone else, when its booked by us on 31st?
In a complete strange tone Mr.Aditya replied "which event? Mr friend we get hundreds of inquiries each day, inquiry doesn't mean that the deal is signed' we never said we gave you the Ballroom for your event, you only inquired, but never confirmed. So when we we gave the ballroom to next client who approached with a party of 450 packs. its as simple as that"
I replied "I had confirmed, we talked about every tiny detail"
He didnt agree. and hang up!
I had no idea, where to DO the party with 200 packs, for people who have already paid me for the party !
No ballrooms were available that close the New Year Eve, and those available were too expensive. The new approvals were not being given for New year parties..
they left me ON the ROAD with my 200 people.. with no place!
Thanks to some great friends from the hotel industry who helped me in this situation and helped me to manage to find a decent place within the same price.

The Hotel DHOW PALACE didnt purposely sign the contract with me, waiting for a "bigger fish" till the last minute.. and as soon as they had a bigger party.. they easily DUMPED my event out..
I will be taking them to further legal authorities.

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