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Alex Joseph February 25, 2020
Form 1099 Filing
Thanks for your review man. I am looking to File with this site.
February 8, 2007
Most incompetent and rude IDIOTS!
IDIOTS (only Personal opinion). CIT has by far the most incompetent, rude, with an attitude employees and policies that I have ever had to deal with.

A point of contact is assigned to your account. All calls to CIT are routed to this person once you enter your account # every time you call.
Point of contact trained one way, I don't care about your problem, pay your bill.
Point of contact can and will refuse to take care of a document problem.
If you have a document problem, Administrator doesn't have access to solve problem today, documents are in another building. It took me a WHOLE YEAR to get a document corrected so that I could sell my vehicle.

IN 2004 I called for a pay-off amount with checking account # in hand. I paid the amount quoted, received a paid in full statement, and my CLEAR title.

In 2007, I received a 1099 form from CIT that was posted 20 months after I paid off the loan. It stated CANCELED DEBT. I called CIT. Explanation I received was that I did not pay my loan off completely in 2004. It seems that the employee that did the pay-off, did it in the normal way, subtract interest from the total for an early pay-off. I was told that there was no interest included in the total, even though it was included in my monthly payment, 200 a month x 36 eguals and so forth. Instead of notifying me of the proposed mistake, CIT wrote this off as a bad debt to the IRS, which makes it income to me that has to be added to my annual income as unclaimed income.

In a phone conversation with Mr. Paul Smith of CIT, he wasn't able to back up his statements with documentation, but if notified by my states Att'y Genr'l or the Dept. of Banking and Loans, he assured me that he would be able to produce any documentation needed to back up his claims of a bad debt.(Remember I was never notified)

Thanks for looking, I hope you get a chuckle out of this, and I hope you will check your own payment book so that you don't get a suprise like I did. I also hope you will think twice if you find out that your finances are being put through CIT Group/Financial.

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