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Ez2die4 January 4, 2011
Fraud, Scam, Rip off
Be Aware of any ads about cheap cellphones with free shipping guys. I got scammed by one of these thieves with the company name of Promaco sdn bhd or Promax. They said that they're registered they even hav a registration No. so I convinced myself that 350$ for an iPhone can be true! I ignored the obviuos signs; Western Union Money Transfer, No Samples, Ads only on forums or free ad websites, different ad infos and etc. Ok so you say how got into this? these guys are very convincing they put religius names on themselves use religious quotes to gain some trust, they allways have fake reasons for everything. let's not make it long, I lost 1500$ to these Malaysian thugs. You probably think I'm an idiot! and I probably am! but I thought I could trust people more. So here are the info I have about them so you know for sure that these guys are scammers:
Company: Promaco sdn bhd, Promax communication
Names: 1- Mohammad Alfawaz ( it's probably a fake name), phone no.: +60169292487 He most probably is an arab guy living in malaysia.
2- QUILATON MERLITA URETA: she is originally Philippine and isliving in Malaysia, her name is real because I used it for Western Union money transfer, she works with M. Alfawaz. She even has a facebook account!
They didn't send me anything until the end that they said parcel are shipped and they gave me the tracking number. well It was part of the scaming procedure, the shipping company named UBBS world global service or World express courier delivery service is a company exactly for these scammers, they give you a fake tracking number and also a fake flight number and then they ask you to give them money for clearance charges also with western union! so I lost a lot but at least I've learnt somethings. ready for any Qs guys or recommandations how to stop these thugs for future.

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