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E du toit May 15, 2011
Alcohol & Bouncers
We recently had my daughters 16th birthday party at Cedar lodge. The bouncers were extremely aggressive even with the adults as they have a club setup right next door to the party venue wich was not fenced off. We are quoted once price and after paying suddenly informed that they forgot to charge us VAT. Also typical of teenagers. Some tried to bring in teir own alcohol. I must also mention that some were indeed over 18 and produced their ID''s Thealcohol was cofiscated which I understand but there were quite a large amount of alcohol ( easily more than the value of R1000) and I then requested the Manager to hand over the alcohol to me for safe keeping as either way it did not belong to them . After numerous calls this has not been done and the owner refuses to return my calls. What a nice way to make extra profit considering it does not belong to them . Up and above this we requested that the adults need to sign their alcohol bills. This only happened now and then and in the end we were issued with an alcohol bill of only half signed slips with all the unsigend slips adding up to R1700 and the signed onces R1600. When we complaint a simple pull up of the shoulders were given. Is there any place we can report this tipe of set up to as to me this is similar to theft and such a simple way do just do to the consumer whatever you want with them being to scared to complain with huge Nigerian bouncers everywhere.

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