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jamil1961 June 28, 2011
Unauthorised- renewal of CBD* CYBERDEFENDER anti- virus programme by Service Provider
I had surfed the net for anti-virus programme in the month/year- May, 2010. I had come accross the CBD*CYBERDEFENDER Anti-virus package and requested the Service-Provider to provide their package 01(one) year package which cost me Rs.2196.98 (INR).The amount was paid through my AXIS-BANK Credit-Card by Cheque dated 28.06.2010. I could not load the soft-ware package and hence requested the Service-provider to remotely access my Computer network after giving a lot of output details. The Company never helped me out inspite of my repeated e.mail messages and efforts to contact them. Subsequently I took up an anti-virus programme from a local service-provider after all efforts had failed. I informed the Foreign service provider that all my money had gone to waste and appealed them to refund the paid amount to me. On getting this message they kept silent for complete 01(one) year. The foreign service provider has made a bad use of my CREDIT CARD NUMBER and its full details they had obtained. Now, after one year astonishingly without my knowledge & consent the Foreign Service Provider has raised a RENEWAL-BILL of Rs.1405.08 (INR) and placed demand to AXIS-BANK, Mumbai vide Payment Summary document (payment due date-11.07.2011) to credit into the account of M/s CBD*CYBERDEFENDER. I will never pay for such foul-play and fake demand raised by M/s CBD*CYBERDEFENDER. I think the the service provider should be brought to book for cheating genuine people; it is very much a CYBER-CRIME.
Office of the Textile Commissioner,
New CGO Building, 48-New Marine Lines

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