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E R Dickinson July 1, 2011
Non delivery and terrible service
We bought my son, who is a film student a Canon 60 D camera from Camera Box. He was counting on it to be delivered in time for a major piece of work he was doing for Uni. As weeks went by and time got closer to his deadline, we were calling Camera Box almost daily and got all kinds of responses, beginning with "we're trying to track your camera" to "we don't know where it is" (The Professionals choice? Really? ) until finally a Camera Box customer care employee said over the phone that their stock was frequently being stolen from Wimbledon depot because of CityLink's poor security. At this point, we realized that the camera was not going to arrive in time for my son's project to even get started, so we got onto our credit card provider which took yet more time and explaining. In the end, we were out £800 for a camera we never received, and had to pay £200 to rent a camera so my son wouldn't fail his module. I make that £1000 all told, never mind all the aggravation and stress that Camera Box ripped us off for by their incompetent team, added to by CityLink who routinely have merchandise stolen from their depot. And that is according to a statement from Camera Box staff. Their deliveries constantly get stolen. Tough luck, customer, caveat emptor.
It's a good thing we paid by credit card, as they eventually forced a refund of the purchase price we paid to Camera Box. If we had paid by debit card or other, we could have been stiffed for the whole lot. Of course there was no compensation for the £200 we had to fork out to hire a replacement camera at short notice. In fact, Camera Box never responded to us again on any matter. They had their arm twisted by Visa to refund us, but we never got an apology or an explanation. Just nothing. This dragged on for two whole months where we tried to find out where our camera was and their response is the WORST case of customer care by ANY company I have ever dealt with. Camera Box just stopped replying to our email enquiries, as if we didn't exist. It took two months to get our money refunded.
I would like to know what kind of professional would choose to do business with this company. From beginning to end it has been a catalogue of disasters. Their telephone staff have no clue what is going on, their computer network must be dying in spasms and they continue to use a courier that is known by Camera Box to be notorious for losing equipment and unhappy customers.
The whole thing is beyond disgusting. Camera Box are worse than useless. the fact that they never bothered to acknowledge their bad service just puts the cherry on the icing. I won't be surprised when they go under, looking at how they treat customers. I won't shed any tears when they go belly up as they deserve, either. Thoroughly rotten company to do business with. Avoid!

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