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L Blasi April 19, 2011
I am a resident of New Zealand, in Indonesia on business visit, whilst in Indonesia I use my Visa debit card of a New Zealand Bank to access just enough cash to carry with me, as well as to purchase for convenient and security reasons. On the 16 April 2011. I went to a computer shop called 'BEST Computer' at Ambassador Mall Jakarta and wanted to purchase notebook priced IDR 21million (approx NZD3.150). I handed out my Visa Debit Card to the shopkeeper who then swiped the card onto BANK MANDIRI EDC Machine. The result of the swipe came back with a message 'NETWORK ERROR' without any receipt produced by the EDC machine, the shopkeeper then tried to swipe again but the same result came back with the same message and no receipt was printed by the machine, this happened 3 times until the 4th times when the EDC came back with an 'Insufficient fund' message which made me panic because I knew I had plenty of fund in my account enough for this purchase plus perhaps enough funds for five star holiday for two. I then contacted my bank in NZ and was shockingly told that all the 3 swipes went through and they were all authorized for IDR 22.4million/transaction meaning that my bank account's available balance reduced by approx NZD 9400 or 3x the IDR 22.4million. My bank could not do anything to reverse this until they receive a cancellation request from the Merchant and Bank Mandiri Indonesia (the acquiring bank). Bank Mandiri authorization dept (Supri) requested the Merchant to fax through a cancellation statement. The whole saga took 2 hours and unresolved on that evening.! I tried to talk to Supri and to give him the authorization details from my bank but he refused to speak to me as the cardholder who is the victim of their faulty EDC. His reason: 'Authorization dept can not talk to cardholders' (strange and unbelievable). The next late morning I returned to the shop after I checked and found that my bank account was still not corrected. Adding further dissapointment, I was informed by another Authorization staff (Andri) that Bank Mandiri had not yet been able to submit the cancellation request to my bank in NZ since the night before. By then, I was very angry, irate and distressed (worrying that I would be stranded with limited cash access while overseas). despite the merchant and my requests for urgent assistance the night before, they have done nothing apart from saying the fax did not go through (UNACCEPTABLE!!!), not even initative to call my bank or me to inform the problem?? AFTER ALL IT IS THEIR FAULTY EDC that STOLE MY MONEY FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT. Later on in the afternoon, Andri called me and informed me that he had called my bank at the number I gave him and the fax was transmitted to my bank in NZ at 14:07 and that I have to call my bank to check and follow up. At around 17;30PM, I called my bank and was informed that there was no fax received yet, hence they could not do much apart from process chargeback they can start on the next day but warned me that chargeback process could take sometimes especially if involved international parties, and that it would be faster to wait for Mandiri's request or if the authorized amount is unsettled via the VISA system. I then informed Bank Mandiri the next morning 18Apr of this, but only to be told I need to sort it out with my bank because they already sent the fax. I called Bank Mandiri again on 19 Apr, wanting to know if the merchant had been paid for the incorrect transactions or if a stop payment had been placed at Mandiri's end, I spoke to Supri (the Authorization staff) whom again was rude and arogantly said 'You just have to wait for your money' and follow it up with your bank' even though he knows I am practically has limited access to my cash and is financially disadvantaged (NO EMPHATY ???), I became very irate and disgusted of his response and told him that I was going to report this issue to the Central Bank of Indonesia, the Police and expose it, he responded by saying 'do it then!!! (in Bahasa Indonesia)' with his arrogant and careless attitude. For all these saga I went through, I decided to submit this complaint and expose it the world, and have also shared my experience on my social network in facebook today. My question are: 1.How many more other people are VICTIMS OF BANK MANDIRI faulty technology?? I googled through internet, and found several articles about their ATM faults leaving their own cusstomers out of pocket and still not resolved after 50days. Many other of their customers including a couple of people I know in Indonesia faced with similar problem either faulty EDCs or ATMs. 2. WHO in these days uses fax on Sunday to request for URGENT assistance????? 3. What is wrong with this bank? THEY ARE THE LARGEST BANK IN INDONESIA but invested very little on using a better technology and devices. 4. What kind of service excellence training do they give to their Authorization staff ?? 5. How can a person like Supri is employed and placed to service Merchants with International customers not just domestic customers??? what is their criteria of service?? ... Today is 20 April, I still have not got my money back in my account... WHAT CAN BANK MANDIRI MANAGEMENT DO ???? I AM OUT OF POCKET by EQUIVALENT TO APPROX IDR 68MILLION BECAUSE OF YOUR EDC NETWORK ERROR... I DISPUTED THE TRANSACTIONS AND NEVER SIGNED THE DOCKET AS PROOF OF THE AMOUNT CHARGED ACCEPTANCE ...PLUS I SPENT ALMOST IDR 1 MILLION ON INTERNATIONAL TOLL CALLS TO MY BANK JUST ON THIS ISSUE... HAVE LOST INTEREST INCOME FROM THE FUND YOUR BANK HAVE TAKEN FROM MY ACCOUNT. I dont give my name here in this article but your Merchant services, customer services and Authorization dept myhave details and my phone number. I intent to continue sharing my bad experience with the rest of the world until I get back the same amount of money that was taken, plus interest accrued since 17April.


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