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Emerald P June 17, 2011
Sneaky Cheaters! $50 dollars Xchg rate diff depsite FULL REDUND
We planned a holiday to Korea which was derailed when my daughter contracted Chicken Pox. We had to change our flight dates to ensure she was completely non-contagious before we fly and were on wait list on a few flights.

I made a hotel booking for Seoul with Agoda. Within hours, we decided to cancel the booking and even though we read the terms and conditions carefully, they slapped us with a admin fee. There was no mention of a cancellation fee when I booked for this particular hotel - as long as I canceled before 10 business days.

I disputed this with their customer service and they promptly refunded me the full amount. I was appreciative of this but didn't like the fact that I had to dispute it. I thought its all over. NO! I got my credit statement today and found that while they refunded the full amount of $662.08, they used the exchange rate tool to manipulate how much they refunded. The difference was close to $50 dollars!

I called my bank's credit card department and they told me Agoda had done so, not them so they are helping me raise this dispute with Agoda. More paperwork. I sent a email to Agoda and its been 24 hours but I have not heard from them yet.

This is SNEAKY to say the least and it borderlines on cheating your customers. Its such a horrible experience using Agoda and I really would stay clear of this company and booking website if they don't fix this mess. I don't believe its justifiable to charge $50 dollars exchange fluctuation when I canceled the booking within hours. The transaction was probably canceled within hours or a day. I doubt there is such a HUGE drop in exchange rates as a result. I hope Agoda does the right thing and rectify this.

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