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Jian Morgan June 22, 2021
Successful Transaction
It took me a while to decide if I will buy my step bars from 4WheelOnline. The only thing that got me to accept the deal was the fact that it was going to be for a good cause. I am not sure if you are familiar with the partnership between Westin and the Red Cross, as this promotion is probably available on this site. I want to help in my small way at the same time save a few dollars so I purchased my auto accessories from this store. I did my own research regarding the product I want to buy, but I still spoke to their customer support representative for more information. He appears to be well informed and friendly at the same time. He was helpful throughout the ordering process. I have to wait under 2 weeks to receive the product and it is of good quality.
littleYOTA April 21, 2010
No Product, No Refund, STAY AWAY
I purchased a set of shocks online from this company on 4/9. I recieved an email later that day stating the shocks I wanted wouldn't fit my application, so an alternative shock was suggested. I replied by email and said okay. After no response, I called on 4/12 and was told the alternative shocks were in stock and would ship that day. A refund would be given for the cost difference.
On 4/16 I called to inquire about my refund and tracking info. for my order. I was now told that the shocks were being drop shipped from the manufacturer in Louisiana. They were confirmed to ship that day. Credit for refund didn't show until after my phone call.
On 4/20 I called to get tracking info. I was told they didn't have it, couldn't get it and that it was my fault for not confirming the item was in stock by way of phone. Nevermind this item is the one they suggested and said was in stock. Was placed on hold and subsequently hung up on . I called back and got the same Rep. I said we must have been disconnected and again asked for tracking info. The Rep. now said they spoke to the manufacturer and that my item was on back order for at least 3 weeks. I said if that's the case I would like to get a refund, he said "done" and immediately hung up on me.
I called back and this time a different Rep. answered. The Rep. said he wouldn't talk to me about the order because it was placed with my wifes credit card. I had to tell him to shut up and listen before I was able explain everything that had happened up to this point. This Rep. agreed to give a refund, but it would take 3 or 4 days for the credit to show. We'll see. I'm beginning to have my doubts.
I went to the BBB and found they've had 81 complaints in the last 36 mo. I searched Florida Inc. records and can't find were they're registered with the state under 4wheelonline.com or their supposed parent company name Web River Group Inc.
So far all they've done is charge me for the order. Nothing else. No evidence they plan to deliver on anything.
cmdcpa March 17, 2010
False Advertising
Due to my Jeep Wrangler being a little too tall, I decided to order some tubular, black matte rock rails that I saw on 4WheelOnline.com to help boost me up. The picture showed the perfect rails and I ordered promptly paying a reasonable $185 plus free shipping. Imagine my surprise when I received the rails and they were NOTHING like the picture represented? The rails I received were thin finishing rails that fit flush against the vehicle. There was absolutely no toehold available. When I tried to return the rails, I was told they would charge me for the original shipping (remember it was free?) as well as a 25% restocking fee. Plus I would have to foot the return shipping cost which was $65. I was told that it isnt their fault if I felt the product that I received wasnt the same product represented on their website. When I explained that this isnt my opinion, it's a fact; the products are not even remotely similar, Customer Service told me they were sorry but couldnt help me.
I was told to contact the Better Business Bureau or do my little blogs, but if I returned the product I would be charged the restocking fee.
Very disappointed and will badmouth 4WheelOnline.com at every opportunity.
Frustrated in TN! March 16, 2010
I should have trusted the BBB's low rating!
We ordered a bed cover for our pick-up truck because the price was great.
But it took us 5 days before we could inquire about tracking information, another several days before they responded. They say you can't even call for 7 days to inquire. Long story short... When I did call... after receiving BLANK emails from them with tracking information! They said the item was on BACKORDER!! No indication anywhere on their website.
I'm so frustrated. I canceled the order!
I just wish I had trusted all of the bad reviews about this Company. And more importantly the fact that it has a very low rate with BBB - Better Business Bureau.
Steer clear of this company!!
McCoy September 24, 2009
not contacting costumer when theres a problem
I bought a soft top and a heater for a jeep waited 10 days as in strucked to get tracking #went back on line
left message asking for tracking # checked every day no responce so I call waited on hold for ever finally a young man comes on tells me my order has been put on hold. I ask why the shipping address is not on my credit card I said no the billing address is. they told me to call my bank and have a temporary shipping address put on my bank said we can not do that we would have to change the address on the billing. So I call them back tell them I will give them the 1800 # and they could ask . The man told me no that they would have to cancel my order. I have now been waiting 14days for this order and they didnt contact me about a proublem but sure had already pulled my money out of my account.Now ot os going to be 72 hours before my money is put in my account. So now I have to wait till next week to get a soft top . Buy the way it has been raining for almost 2 weeks...S0 if you buy anything from this company you better make sure your 911 address is on your credit card or you want get your order.
Tim Lockwood January 30, 2009
overcharged and then failure to refund
I purchased a warn winch almost a week ago (Janury 27th 2009) from 4 wheel online and then I received an email from the credit manager Sharon Burkhart from 4wheelonline.com complaining to me on how they can not confirm my physical address to ship it to. She then stated in an email, "after nine calls and as many reps" she finally got to talk to the right person at wells fargo about my physical address associated with the card and the order would ship soon.

So I went online to do some banking and I noticed three charges for $1587.59 making it a total of $4762.77. There were two extra charges that I never placed. So I immediately called the phone number listed on 4wheelonline.com website and told a sales rep named Albert of the two extra charges that they made by mistake and I then told him that he needed to have them removed immediatley because it was going to overdraft my account. He then responded, "no one is here right now to help you. They are at lunch." I then asked when they would be back and Albert then said in an almost hostile tone, "They'll be back when they get back." Now, I have my own business and I never would talk to a client this way especially if we charged their account three times for something that they only ordered once. So I said to cancel the original order and cancel the entire thing.

I called back a couple hours later because I never received a confirmation email of the ordner being cancelled and I needed them to refund the two extra charges that were wrongfully charged on my account due to the incompetence of the employees at 4wheelonline.com. I asked for a manager and I got to speak to Arturo. Arturo said that everything has been cancelled and the pending charges would fall off of the account in a day.

So the next day I checked online again and sure enough three charges of $1587.59 were still on there. So I again called 4wheelonline.com and asked for Arturo and he then acted almost irritated to hear from me again. He then said that it wasn't their problem since they don't have the money and it only takes "the push of a button" for Wells Fargo to reverse the charges. So I then called Wells Fargo and spoke with a manager. She assured me that it was the fault of 4wheelonline.com and to call them because they had not refunded anything to my account.

So I again called 4wheelonline.com back and asked for Arturo and demanded that they take care of the problem because they are going to cause me an overdraft fee because of the two extra charges that they charged me by mistake. Arturo then stated, "well, you should watch your account better." I immediately responded stating that there would not be a problem with my account if their employees didn't keep running my card for multiple fradulant charges. He then said to give it another day.

So again I gave it another day and sure enough the charges are still on my account and 4wheelonline.com has not refunded anything. I since have called and am told the Arturo the manager and Sharon Burkhart the credit manager are at lunch. Even if I call in the mornin or before closing they seem to be always at lunch. I have also sent a number of emails to both of the manager with no response. So long storey short I am still out of $4762.77 thanks to 4wheelonline.com.

My advice to any of you wanting to purchase anything from 4wheelonline.com is don't get caught in the trap that I did and order elsewhere.

Tim Lockwood

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