jdenn March 14, 2011
Makes a load noise when playing only bought a month ago. Lost receipt otherwise would take it back read full review »
Filled under: Entertainment Location: China
mmoguardian March 13, 2011
these people will steal your money and tell you to wait, product is on its way. TOTAL SCAMM. read full review »
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Shanxi Powerdone Pharmaceutical
UMAS Trade March 13, 2011
We, UMAS Trade Finland (Europe), would like to share with Pharmaceutical products buyers about the the irresponsible, and unprofessional behaviour of Shanxi Powerdone Pharmaceutical company, which caused the financial loss of USD 1500 to our customer, and our company. Miss Jing Li from Shanxi Powerdone approached us and offered the products of her company on 13th October, 2010. Agreement was signed between customer, and Shanxi Powerdone Pharmaceutical for two products (Inj. calcium folinate and Inj. Pamidronate Sodium) on 17th... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: China
Sodium Bisulphite
Vishal Chemical Industries March 11, 2011
We placed an order for 25 MT Sodium Bisulphite with them. Payment terms were 50% advance and balance 50% against the fax copy of shipping documents. When we made 100% advance payment, they sent us the documents. To our surprise they sent us Sodium Chloride (Salt) instead of Sodium Bisulphite. They are not replying to our email nor responding to our calls. It is a cheat company. o not deal with this company. Infact one of the employees of this company resigned recently because of this practice. read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: China
Sarah Frances Cannon March 9, 2011
Stupidly bought fake A&F goods from what I thought was a USA site, wrong the goods came from China but my credit card was charged to this site coolnetstore.com in Russia. The goods are fake, incorrect, poor quality and stink. Am I going to get my money back from them? The site says that "Customer satisfaction is their main priority" yeah what a joke. Lying thieves is what they are ! read full review »
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International Lottery Disbursement
satin Doll March 7, 2011
I received a letter from Brian C. Sanderson These are minutes fro the International Lottery Disbursement Office. you have previously failed to respond to communication directed to you in respect of several million dollars outstanding and not yet awarded to you or claimed by any person. The International Lottery Disbursement payments Office is assuming that the reason for your non-response was either: 1. the correspondence was lost in the mail as a result of a production and /or postal error; 2. you believed the correspondence was a scam... read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: China
ztl2002 March 7, 2011
I ordered four jerseys, only three showed up. One has stains all over it, another is the wrong size. In the end I up with one correct jersey. I have sent five emails now trying to make a return but wouldn't you know it this Chinese based company won't respond. (Email is their only way of contact) Once I made my order I found all these negative reviews and tried to cancel my order immediately but they told me that was impossible. That’s all they said, no reason why it was impossible, I mean they didn’t ship the package out... read full review »
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china hacker
0 min ago
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obd2 code reader,car diagnostic tool
elegogocom March 8, 2011
Elegogo.com is a professional OBD manufacturer, our company mainly produces and sells electronic products, including automotive OBD tools, car Diagnostic too: Key Programmer, OBD2 Code Reader, Diagnostic tool, Launch x431 and so on. OBD tool for motor vehicles, this is a unique, easy to understand, Quanmian the professional tool that can improve detection of the degree of efficiency and accuracy, Dedicated engineers and leading edge manufacturing techniques combine to produce the best quality product available to customers. Our... read full review »
Filled under: Automotive Location: China
VAG Commander 8.1
elegogocom March 8, 2011
VAG Commander 8.1 VAG Commander 8.1 include ABRITES Commander for BMW, Abrites VAG Commander and ABRITES Commander for TOYOTA / LEXUS / SCION ABRITES Commander for BMW is a PC - Windows based diagnostic software for BMW vehicles E38 E39 E46 E53 E83 E85, E6x, E7x, E8x, E9x. Initially with the latest SW release (version 5.6) is introduced diagnostic capabilities for latest BMW vehicles produced in 2010 year-new BMW series 5-body F10, new series 7-body F01. With help of your tool you can perform unusual for remaining... read full review »
Filled under: Automotive Location: China
mrwonerful March 2, 2011
Dead links, bad dropshipping links, no contact info on order page, and blaming the buyer are what sinomart.com is all about.I am not sure about the quality of the product as it has not arrived yet. When I initially tried to purchase this product(7 Inch Google Android Tablet PC) I was met with dead links. I finally was able to contact the company but I had to spend 15 minutes trying to find the contact info on the initial order page there is no contact information other than a review product link. I posted a review stating there are dead... read full review »
Filled under: Electronics Location: China
Paledrome March 3, 2011
I placed an order with eeshops October 10, 2010 and sent $323 for a variety of items off their web site. After 6 weeks the shipment arrives and nothing I ordered is there. They get me to send the wrong stuff back and promise to send the right order out. Another month passes and still nothing has been delivered. I contact customer support for a tracking number and they supply one that is dated that day, the shipment does not show up at the China post office till a week later. When this shipment arrives at my home, EESHOPS have sent an... read full review »
Filled under: Entertainment Location: China
ABBAS SHAH March 3, 2011
I MR SHABBAR HUSSAIN SHAH of HAS TRADERS, KARACHI PAKISTAN. We place an order of Ball Bearing an get Proforma invoice (PI. BRD 20110127001) Date: 27-01-11 from SHIJIAZHAUNGBEARING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD add: 01-1202 room # 17 building zhefung International garden zhufeng street, Shijiazhaung city, hebei province China. Ph: 0086-0311-67665429. We send 100% advance as per proforma invoice to contact person lady Ms Amy 0086-1378498625 working in above noted Company As two weeks gone, when we contact her no position reply from other side.As we... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: China
Redrock Camper Travel Co.,Ltd
J-trek March 4, 2011
The photos sent were of a far greater quality than the product sent. The whole product (Camper Trailers ) had so many sharp edges they are dangerous without extensive rework. The dimensions given in their description was not what was supplied. 500mm high box was 425mm. read full review »
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London Weight Management
bubble purple June 9, 2011
i went to London weight management in Shanghai, China(in 9 cloud mall).. the consultant there just forced me to sign up for expensive package and asked lots of financial questions like do u have your private car?credit card? i dont like it when they asked questions like that... i saw with my own eyes before i do their tratment (sauna and hot blanket) that my weight is 54.2, , on that time the consultant astand beside me and write something on the paper when she saw the scale... after finish the treatment, , i stand on the scale and i saw my... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: China
JIangmen Yetong
h gonzalez February 26, 2011
I was scammed by a person called Xia Wen Wu ( 夏文武) who worked at the company Jiangmen Yetong, as I learned after I contacted an agent the company is serious and has all permisions and quality control, but this person used this company to scam people. At the company they did not know what he did, as he was the sales manager, he trick me into making a deposit to his personal account, so I advice all people to always make deposits to company name, not to persons, and check the companies they work with before making a deal. read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: China
Shinechem Trading Co.,Ltd
Josh Okada February 26, 2011
Emily Wang from Shinechem Trading Co., Ltd from Alibaba is a scammer. They ripped me off for $2400 USD for 40 kits of IGF . I sent the payment VIA bank transfer. Now they dont answer emails. They use the website www.xinkaichem.com for their scam also. they also use the name Yuan Ni and John Ni. the bank details I sent the payment are : Agricultural Bank of China Name: Rongqing Li (Mr.) Address: Jintan City, Jiangsu Province, China zip: 213200 They will scam you. Once you send your money there is nothing you can do to get it back. read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: China
Kingrain International Group
johnle February 26, 2011
I would like to alert others about this SCAMMER.The company name is Kingrain International Group Co Ltd of 10 E, Building#C, XianDaiCheng HuaTing, ChuangYe Road, Nan Shan Districk, Shenzhen 518108, P.R.China. www.ele-boat.com Contact person:James On 13 January, 2011 I paid for 400pcs Micro SD cards, when I got them 10 days later I tested them and not even one was functional.I advice him of the problem on January 28 and told me he on four different occasions that he was investigating the problem. He refuses to replace the memory cards or return the money. DON'T DO BUSINESS THIS COMPANY THEY ARE SCAMMERS. John Levy read full review »
Filled under: Electronics Location: China
caz83 February 24, 2011
I purchased two ipods from this company, they took money for three. I received three but they are fake and I can get hold of the company as they have changed the email address and the invoice was in chinese. The screen has cracked on the one and I sent it to a company to get it fixed they have contacted me and said it was a fake. I have googled ipodnanosales.com and other people have be scamed aswell. read full review »
Filled under: Electronics Location: China
andrew bailey February 27, 2011
i was scammed out of 352.22 pounds in uk money ive been threastened by this company i asked for my money back but nothing but threats i dont see how this company should ever be able to sell stuff and take your money off you this is terrible want putting a stop to this scamming site asap i warn everyone not to go anywere near this site i even tryed to put my review on the website but its disabled tells you everything that i just want my money back its making me very depressed this website euogo.com wouldnt reccomend to anyone everyone be warned its a scam site read full review »
Filled under: Electronics Location: China
joinbrand shoe
joinbrands February 19, 2011
wholesale all good items shoe and clothing and bag www.joinbrands.com read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: China
Tag Key Tool
uobd2 February 19, 2011
Tag Key Tool is compatible with AN020 and ZN001 transponder programmers. Just need dump from your immobilizer, put your NEW KEY (or transponder) on the programmer and generate working key! You can also produce preprogrammed transponders for a different vehicle. This programmer works with AVDI interface. It also is compatible with our software ABRITES Commander for VAG, BMW, Renault, Nissan, Mercedes and Fiat. Supported transponders: Atmel TK5551 / T5 Temic 11 Temic 12 Megamos 13 (fixed identifier) Megamos 48... read full review »
Filled under: Automotive Location: China
BYASBEV February 17, 2011
Filled under: Electronics Location: China
Hongyu Technology Co.,Limited
bestman February 16, 2011
Beware of payment fraud Hongyu Technology Co., Limited We have ordered 30pcs of LCD from Hongyu Technology Co., Limited on 18 NOV 2010. They told us to the delivery need 15 days but after 30 days we still yet to hear from them. They told us that will refund and never. We have lodged a police report against this company and waiting for seizure. Below is their last known contact info. yilongqin wang Hongyu Technology Co., Limited www.szhylcd.com 2021/R’m, 5/F, Platinum holiday apartment HaiChen/Road: Bao'an District Tel: (86) 755-29580203 fax: (86)755-29580195 Mob: 86-13826557852 read full review »
Filled under: Other Location: China
Paradonse February 13, 2011
I ordered a pair of shoes in early January. They charged my credit card the next day and the shoes have never been delivered. I have tried to call numerous times only to be told there will be a 20 minute wait (always the same answer) and when waiting on the phone it is disconnected so you never get through. I have written emails and there is no response. Terrible company and will never deal with them again. read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: China
Jiashan Yong Feng Electronics and Jiashan Liyinda Electronic Co., Ltd*
Power up February 15, 2011
Jiashan yong feng Electronics Address:Sanli Economic Development Zone Jiashan County, Zhejiang Contact person: Mr. Leon One E-mail: [email protected] Tel: 86-573-84122397 84122395 Fax: 86-573-84123096 Website: www.yf-audio.com Jiashan Liyinda Electronic Co., Ltd* No 50, Yinxiu Road, Weitang, Jiashan, Zhejiang, China.* PC: 314100.* Tel: 13067657338.* Contact: Leon.* Buyer Beware of the above company/companies. • Production units will different from sample • Production units will differ from each... read full review »
Filled under: Electronics Location: China
sweetdee February 15, 2011
I bought a purse for $55 and paid $12 for shipping and handling. It's been 5 days and the purse hasn't even been shipped yet. Last I checked the order was still being processed BUT it took the money from my account the day I put the order in. WTF? Now, I can't even go to their website. I don't know why but it isn't working. I e-mailed and told them I want my money back but it seems to me that I got ripped off almost $70.. DO NOT, I repeat do NOT buy from www.cheapcoachsale.com read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: China
movieman350 February 13, 2011
I bought a bunch of PS3 Games off them, and they never shipped them to me. Well not return my emails or answer faxes or Phone. Do not do business with them! read full review »
Filled under: Entertainment Location: China
0 min ago
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clay1985 February 12, 2011
They stole my money! Ordered a jersey in oct 2010, Didn't tell me till late Oct the jersey was on backorder. Cancelled my order Nov 1st. Its now Feb 12th 2011 and still no refund. Customer service is horrible they do not speak great english the only emails I get back say Your moneys been refunded go check your card. Ovbiously, They are a scam it does not take 4 months to get a refund. They will not do anything to help. read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: China
[Gareth] February 11, 2011
My first contact went as follows... "So your page is accurate with it's description? I see many other sellers with a similar phone but the descriptions vary. You can guarantee the phone is new and as described on your page? Is there anything different about your phone to an original HTC G7 Desire?" RESPONSE: Yes, the page is accurate with it's description, except the camera, i am not sure it's 5 million pixels, but i think it should be 3 million pixels at least.And of course it's the new cell phone.About... read full review »
Filled under: Electronics Location: China
Zoos Software Technology co Ltd.
Ambassador-Ch February 11, 2011
If you are thinking of using their product or looking for any software please think AGAIN this is you last chance to save your MONEY, This company Owner Do not know English and people changes each day in this company. Every new person will say we fired old person because what he committed cannot be delivered and will tell you NEW terms and ask for MORE money. FINALLY you will PAY 10 times for SAME Services. Black List this company read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: China
telluthetruth February 8, 2011
I highly recommend NOT to buy any products form " GUCCHIBAGSTER ". I'm telling you the reason why here. I found an item that I really liked from ioffer. The saller was only showing out look pictuers with no inside detalis so I left qustions but the saller never responds and remove the item off from the market shortly after. Then I searched for similar bag and I found exactly same picture in GUCCIBAGSTER. This site has no rating or not accepting any qestions or comments. They were showing exactly same out look pictures a... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: China
Rye33 February 9, 2011
I ordered a pair of boots on 12/13/10 and my card was charged 12/13/10 with the promise that the boots would be here in 5-7 days. well it's 2/9/10 and still no boots! I intended for the boots to be a Christmas gift. every time i send a email it come back as undeliverable email and the site keep saying dut to the weather in Europe delivery are taking longer then expected. read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: China
Packers Jersey
Molle O'Brien February 9, 2011
I ordered what was supposed to be an "Aunthentic" packers jersey, made of 100% nylon. This bogus company sent me a jersey made of 100% polyester and the sizing is off too. I cannot contact the company, becaseu nobody ever answers the phone or responds to email. It's bogus...don't order from packersjerseysshop.com or packerjerseyshop.com, which is apparently what they changed their URL to. The account I ordered from is completely gone... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: China
Jacksonlr February 9, 2011
I contacted customer service prior to purchasing, in order to verify they were a legitimate company. I received a fast response on 3 different occasions. Once I purchased the items through PayPal, the status said pending for two weeks, I've attempted to contact the company for 3 weeks with zero responses.Avoid this website. read full review »
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0 min ago
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UGG Australia diggugg.com
0 min ago
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0 min ago
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Kandy Huang
0 min ago
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